Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Count Down Is Almost here

I hope and wish every one a happy and safe New Years eve.
Be safe stay warm have fun.

                                                            My New Years Eve outfit*
Remember: If You drink find a ride home
The New Year 2019 starts at  05:00 a.m. Monday morning in Samoa & Christmas Island Kiribati
Happy New Year

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Our Tree And A Wood Project

I really like a white tree but next year I will do a green tree, I just need a change.

I found the deer at Joann’s a couple of weeks ago, I decided to glue fabric on the wood instead of paint, what do you think? I really like them.

It is snowing here today Mike is out snow blowing, it is supposed to snow straigh5 through tomorrow, I think I have had enough snow now, time for warm weather, we have not really had any snow until now.

Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

Today was a relaxing day after Mass we came home and took a nap, you see we were at Mikes sisters for a while yesterday, it was a blast.
My younger brother who passed away in 2000, his wife stayed in the family with her son and grandchildren, she was home alone for the Christmas evening and Michaels sister invited her to come along, I think at first she was reluctant but came and had a blast, she is looking forward to going again next year. Santa came and of course we had to sit on his lap, every year we get to tell Santa something we would like to change about our spouse or child, mine for Mike was leave my dish's alone it is my kitchen, I like it better when I clean the kitchen.
I have to show you a photo of a lone corn stalk in a field at the entrance to our housing area, it started with someone putting a bow on the stalk then someone put solar lights, then someone else put a wrapped box, what a hoot.

I played with my embroidery machine last week, I love this machine, I will need to practice some more, I want to make place mats for my table.

I was asked by Father Andrew if I could make a small bag to hold his Baptismal Shell, that is a shell he uses to pour the Baptismal Holy Water over the forehead  of the baby being Baptized, I think I did okay he really like it.
It is a velvet material, it was hard getting the thing to cooperate with me, I did get it done as you can see.

I think this is what I looked like after partying last evening, lots of goodies. Photo found on Pinterest.

My fingers are itching to do some cross stitch, I am off to my favorite chair. I hope you all are having a beautiful Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2018

Pentatonix Mary, Did You Know

Merry Christmas

From Our Home To Yours
Merry Christmas

Michael & Catherine

Sunday, December 23, 2018

My Eleventh Christmas Photo Merry Christmas


I found this photo on Pinterest, I have had some emails as how to get the animation, I went to Pinterest looked for Christmas animation or GIF's ( not sure what GIF stands for) I right clicked the picture, then hit save  picture as, this will then add it to your photo gallery, I use Picasa to save my photos, I am not sure what all the different computers use for saving photos.
Then if you want to email the photo right click on the photo and hit email, you can also go to Pinterest and right click on photo and hit email, a page will come up for the email address, then type in who you are sending it to.
Please let me know if any of you are doing this and if it is successful.
I love animation it makes me smile.
I asm wrapping up the last of my Christmas presents today baking a ginger bread house and getting food ready for tomorrow to take to mikes sisters home, my sister in law from my side of the family is going with us, you see we do not have much of our families left, many have died, Julie was married to my youngest brother, we have kept her in the family because she is an amazing Lady, we love her so much.
Mikes sister was kind enough to invite her, we will have a blast with her along.

From Our Home To Yours
Merry Christmas

Catherine, Michael,
Blondie The Cat
Krissy The Dog 

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mt Tenth Christmas Photo

Just a few of my Santa's from my collection, the Santa Head is a gift my Mother gave me 20 some years ago, he is the first decoration I take out each year.

It is 10:38 P.M. with light snow falling, it is very pretty, my phone just pinged with news that the roads will be slick until 01:00 a.m., they just do not know I will be in bed, giggles.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2018

Ninth Christmas Photo

This is a stocking I stitched many years ago, it is from the  Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Magazine,  it may be from the 1989 issue, not sure, I love this stocking, I should make one for myself.
It is rather mild here no snow yet maybe on Wednesday next week, I am not sad we do not have snow but worry for the farmers, the top soil it  gets blown away when there is no snow on the ground, plus they need the moisture for the spring planting.
I have all my Christmas shopping done, I just need to wrap things.
I hope you all are well and having a great Holiday Season.
Merry Christmas

A Late Eight Christmas Photo

I just love this Photo

I had to add this tree, I want to try and make one this evening, if I do I will post a photo.
To Heritage Hall and all other Bloggers: If you right click on the photo a page will come up, on that page click save photo, after saving go to your photo link, right click another page will appear hit email, this should enable you to send the GIF with animation, try sending one to your self first.
If this does not work send me an email with the persons email address and I will send it from my computer.
I do not own the rights to this photo, it is from Pinterest so can be shared.
Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My Tree Is Decorated And The Seventh Christmas Photo

I found this photo on Pinterest, I love the snow effect, I have my tree decorated now and all my decorations up, at least the ones I can put up, the kitchen is a mess from the cabinet guys.
I am not sure why my letters started to slant, or how to stop it.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I Have A Few Pictures Of Stitching

I have finally had time to stitch some, I am almost done stitching my Jackie Du Plessis  design, a class I took back in June.
These are the front and back of the outside of the box, I am getting excited to get this done.

I never make New Year resolution but this coming year I am, I am going to get all my stitching that is waiting in a basket for me to construct or frame, I just cannot understand why I am so lazy at doing so.

This is my Christmas present from Santa, I am excited to have this, it is a simple machine but a good one to start with, maybe if I do enough embroidery by machine I will up grade a little.
I have already done some work on velvet which was a challenge the first time alone now I get the idea of how to do it.

My Sixth Christmas Photo

I stitched him in March of 2017, I love the perforated paper and beads ornaments, he is so sweet.

We are very busy getting our kitchen ready to redo the cabinets, you see the year we built this home we had custom cabinets done, the construction is beautiful but the stain and varnish is horrible, we found a company in the next town over, we looked at and talked to many people who recommend this company, they are called Jewel Cabinets and refaceing, they are going to come tomorrow and take measurements and start on the cabinets.
We are also redoing the floors in our two bathrooms upstairs on the main floor, I am already getting antsy to get this done.

Well its close to bedtime and Krissy wants to go for a little walk, the temps here have been in the upper 30s in the evening,  upper 40s daytime almost all the snow is gone, now they are talking rain.

I hope you all are having a great week, thank-you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 17, 2018

The Fifth Photo Of Christmas

Another very pretty photo from Mexico, we love Christmas here, everyone is so happy and full of the Christmas spirit.
Santa brought me a embroidery machine, I have always wanted one, I have been playing with it everyday for the last four days, however I am still in the learning stage.
I took one class so far and plan on taking another, I want to embroidery on my jean jacket and some other items for next spring.
It would be nice to do some Christmas ornaments also.
Its late and time for bed, so sorry I do not have a photo of my new toy, I will post a photo tomorrow when there is better light.
Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 16, 2018

A Photo From 2015 in Cancun Photo 4

This was done with seaweed, they worked from before dawn until 09:00 doing this they are amazing men and did such a beautiful job,
The photo was taken from one of the pools edge.
The A stand for Live Aqua the name of the resort.

I promise I will post about what I have been stitching on and my early Christmas present which I have already been putting to work.
I had to make something for Father Andrew the Priest at out Church, that was a priority for me this week.

Merry Christmas From My Home To Yours

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Photo Three

This Photo is from our stay a couple of years ago in Cancun Mexico, it was so beautiful I just had to share it this with you.

I will be posting a photo of my stitching progress tomorrow, yes I have been stitching but not much I will explain tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 14, 2018

Santas Trial Run On his Route

Santa fell out of the sky working on his route, lucky for him it was a trial run and no toys or gifts were lost.
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My Twelve Days Of Christmas Photos

Merry Christmas Everyone: I will be posting twelve Christmas photos, as my twelve days of Christmas.

This photo was found in Annandale Mn. the town where I live.
The city police department told this person to take down the dummy, he one upped the police department by making a squad car and a Grinch, now coming from a law enforcement family I think this is hilarious, some people do not.

Enjoy this silly photo, I hope you all are having great weather, it seems parts of the USA are having horrible weather, be safe and happy.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 22, 2018

I have to Vent boy am I mad

Okay I am sure I will get some comments and emails about this but what the heck is the matter with some people? Mrs. Trump made a comment about people not being with their families, we should keep them in our thoughts and prayers, I agree with her.
Some are over seas, some have jobs that keeps them away for the holidays, some are ill and in the hospital or nursing home.
Many tweets were political instead of agreeing with her, this makes me mad, one tweet was yeah the 5000 the POTUS sent to the border, I am sorry but that is what the men and women in the service do it is a   job of protecting us, its about time something is being done about the people coming into this country illegally, they are a drain on our system our welfare food stamp social security system and any other programs we have, I know of many illegal's getting social security disability, this was a program for working people which gave them money to live on after retirement not to be handed out to every person asking for it, dang it we hard working people have earned this money for us.
They should do as they did years ago do it legally, I am not prejudice but come on enough is enough.
So sorry I am sure someone will be mad at me that is your right, it is also my right to voice my opinion here on my blog.

I hope you Have a great evening.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Have A Blessed Thanksgiving

Tomorrow I will be in turkey overload, I am going to overdose on turkey and dressing.
I hope your Day is a Blessed on.
Catherine  Michael Krissy and Blondie the Cat

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Some More Stitching

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this holiday:

Last evening and today I have been working on a kit that was given to my by a very sweet Lady from north Dakota, LaRue is an amazing Lady and Friend, she is loads of fun and an amazing stitcher.
This is a kit from Milady's Needle it is Milady's Quaker Pendant ll, I love doing this little design.

It is one over one on 36 count, I had to frog a little bit about 20 stitch's this is not easy on 36 one over one, as you can see from the penny how small this is, I was going to give it as a gift but became selfish when I finished one side, I just love it.

I am working on some new beading designs, I bought a bag of a dozen inexpensive metal bracelets at a craft sale, I did some experimenting yesterday I am happy with the result except I will be adding a ribbon on the top, the copper ones get a copper ribbon, silver  ribbon and gold  ribbon, along with matching beads, I will post a photo next week.
In a different light, they cost about 35 cents to make, I am going to mark them 2.00 for the Santa Workshop, so many people who come to the Luncheon are on a fixed income and would love to buy but need to watch theirs pennies, so less expensive gifts to buy are a great idea.
Well its time to stitch some more, I hope you all are having a great weekend

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wow Three Post In A Week

I have been very busy, family has kept me busy since my Father in law passed in September.
I have done some stitching and a finish.
I was at retreat in October, had a blast, I took two projects with me it was hard to have an unfinished design sitting at home but I need quiet to do the small stitching, I am almost done with the class project and hope to construct that and the Jeannette Douglas design I stitched from last springs retreat.
I brought my beads and the girls made scissor fobs at retreat, I sadly did not get a photo of them all.

Not the best photos, the sun sets so early here, we had our heating and air ducts cleaned today, I just could not find the time to take photos.

I did stitch this little ornament a while back,  way back in November 2017, somehow it was stashed away with my linen fabric, I love the bows.

This was a free kit I found in the stash relocation pile, I am thinking of giving this as a gift, it was hard to stitch at first, I took it apart and stitched then I put it back together, this is a Betsy C Stinner Design Earth Threads.

This is the inside needle holder, I love the felt it is so soft to the touch, plus I like the yellow color.

I did work on a Blackbird Design at retreat, however I finished stitching it today.

                                          Breath Of Spring, another pattern I found in Stash pile

I have been busy getting things done for the Christ Child Luncheon at St. Ignatious Catholic Church, we are on our 45th  or 46th  year of having this luncheon, it started out as a Baby Shower for babies in need.
Many and I mean many of the women at our Church make the meal and baked goods for the bake shop which I am in charge of, I have been doing this for 15 years.
This year the new CCW council granted me the right to have a Santa Workshop, I am so excited.
We had a craft day which we painted ornaments which was my station, made cookie in a jar ingredients, the State of Minnesota string art plaques (which I was not sure was going to be anygood) I cannot wait to buy one they are fantastic, another lady made sugar scrubs with essential oils,  another made hand lotion, we also had large boards with wreaths and the words Joy on them, plus some of the younger people made greeting cards.
My contribution from home is 35 beaded crystal beads, neck warmers which I will be sewing tomorrow and painted balls for the Christmas tree.

                                              I took photos this evening not good ones

I made one dozen beaded crystal balls for a fund raiser for Holy Spirit school, the dinner fund raiser is this Friday, sadly this year I cannot go.

Well its time to stitch and have a chocolate milk, my treat to myself every evening.

Just in case I am not able to post again before Thanksgiving I hope you all have a beautiful time with your Families.



Big Problems

Hello to all my Friends in blogland: first I want to say if you are getting emails about products with my name attached please know from my heart I do not send them, I have received some with other bloggers names attached, I opened one, I then knew it was a scammer.
I am writing to tell you I have been trying to comment on your blogs I can only comment maybe every tenth blog, for some reason blogger is blocking me out from commenting, I need to do a little research, so sorry I have left comments on many blogs this past two weeks, I went back to add a comment on Stitching Friends Forever and found that my comments were not there.
Please understand I am not ignoring you.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Blessings To All Who Serve For our Freedoms

God Bless The Men and Women who keep us safe from harm, here in the United States Of America.

                           Thank-you Veterans for your service to the United States Of America

Happy Veterans Day to All


Thursday, October 18, 2018

I Have Been Busy

Hello my Dear Friends: I will be posting what I have been up to, I just wanted to tell you (if you do not know already) about a great blog site you must see Lynn's  designs that are free, they are adorable, she is up too the month of November.
I will post a progress of my stitching on Friday or Saturday.

Happy Fall

Monday, October 1, 2018

Things Are Back To Normal ( Finally)

🐇Hello to all my faithful followers and the ones that just take a peek,  thank-you from my heart for all your lovely comments on my last post.
It has been a trying three months, Pop is with Our Lord and not in any pain.

I have been stitching, not any beading but soon I will get back to beading getting things made for the Santa Shop at Church in December.
I have been able to get back to stitching again, it feels so good, outside projects are done for the year except for getting rid of the annuals that will freeze soon, it is cold here in the forty's brrrrr, ( I need to move to warmer weather)

I stitched on my class project today, I was able to get some photos even with the cloudy sky.

I used the dime to give you an idea of how small the stitching is, I am not happy with the directions but am able to work around them.

This is the Needleholder and the back of the Tool Pocket

This is the Needlebook, I just love the flower design Jackie chose.

                                               Button Page and Needle Holder again

                                                        This is one of the panels of the box

                                          This is Krissy looking out the front door in the
                                                             entryway she is so alert

Last week on Monday, we needed a little getaway, we went to West Bend Iowa and visited the Grotto Of The Redemption, this is an amazing place,  it was pouring rain but I still climb to the top to take a photo, Mike went to the gift shop to stay dry.

I am amazed at how beautiful and peaceful this place is, I fell in love with all the beautiful statues and designs in the building, a Catholic Priest collected gens stones and rocks from around the world, he and two other men worked on this place for years, you can check it out on the net.

Just a few photos:

                                                                     The Holy Family
This is what you see as you drive up from the front
three story's high and amazing

                                                                    Jesus and Judas

                                                    Inside the Blessed Virgin Mary's Grotto
                                                A very pretty stain glass donated to the Grotto

                                                          The Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Well its now 20:00 time to get back to stitching and watching Halloween Baking Championship.
Have a safe and great week.