Friday, January 31, 2014

A very late post

 Welcome to all my new followers and all the followers that are still following me:                                                                                                                                                                     Have you ever wondered why a device works for so long and then poof it stops, this has happened to me, I am so tired of trying to find out why things happen I almost give up, but being the person I am I tredge on, the copy machine that lets me insert my little disc into for downloading picture just up and quick maybe it needs a raise, right off the end of my foot.
Just kidding but very frustrating.
I have an update to my ISHW I did almost finish the stitching on Lavander Wings If I Could Fly, I just need to add the beads and finish the straight stitching around the edges, I hope to have this finished tonight, so here goes:
I am going to use beads for the rainbow,s I had done the stitching on the smaller rainbow but did not like the look.
Next is  the stitching project I did for Conny over at she is a lovely lady who blessed me with three quilt tops which I adore, one is sitting at the quilt shop in Kimbel Minnesota waiting for me to pick up I just need to save a little more money, I picked a light tan and white backing for the quilt, I am so anxius to pick it up.
This is a  Homespun Elegance 11 Design, I love this picture, I did have a rose colored mat but it looked to funny,  it took away from the picture too much.
I am going to look for the Stitcher 1 and maybe stitch that one also.

Can you see the little reindeer hanging from the knob, that is an ornament that was made my my dear friend Sue from northern Minnesota, I forgot to post a picture in december so sorry Sue.
I love this little ornament it is worthy of staying  out all year, I love it.

I have to show you and tell you what my Most Wonderful Husband did for me, I have had a serger for 28 years it finally died a very fast death in the middle of taking in a shirt for Mike, ouch he wanted to wear that shirt the next day but no go, he had to wait.
He surprised me with so many wonderful things for my birthday,  here they are.
A Brother overlock, which I am in love with, it will get loads of miles put on it for all kinds of things I plan on sewing.

This is the Olive Leaf line from the Thymes Company in Minneapolis Minnesota, the web site is, Mike usually buys me the Eucalyotus line, instead he surprised me with this beautiful smelling lotion, the fragrence last all day and is is very soft and refreshing smell.

 I donot have a picture of the washing machine he bought me (of course for my birthday) now I know some of you are saying if he bought me an appliance for my birthday I would be mad but when you get to be my age any gift is a wonderful gift, sure I can get stitching stuff anytime I like but the thought he put into this is in my mind wonderful.
One of the secretaries at work said if my husband came home with an appliance he would be out the door, I call women like her very very high maintanence women, so sad.
I also recieved a long dress sweater, and two blouses that I picked out when he took me shopping, what a man.

He took my Mother and I to PF Changs for lunch wow what a great place to eat, I had a beef dish with veggies that was out of this world in taste, Mom had a chicken dish a little to spicy for her and Mike had a yakisoba dish.

I am working on getting my Up For A Challenge 15 done before the first of july only because I have many more wips in the basket and drawer, wish me luck.

I am sick and tired of snow we had a snowstorm yesterday that had me pulling the rest of my hair out, oh how I hate storms, if the ground hog says we are going to have a longer winter like we did last year I think I will cry and cry hard.

I hope all is well with you all and you are getting in loads of stitching and crafting.

Many Blessings



Monday, January 20, 2014

I am asking for your prayers

On saturday morning two of our Paramedics were in a horrible accident, one is in very serious condition and the other is recovering with a long road ahead.
I work for the same company they do and ask if you will all pray for their full recovery, my heart hurts for them and their Families, I know what it is like to be in an accident, I had a full year recovery and two surgery's  back in 1997, I am well today and hope they both have the same results.

Please pray for them.
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just an update on my Up For A Challenge 15

I finiahed stitching my ornament from the 2009 Just Cross Stitch Magazine, this is waht it looked like on sunday.

And now the stitching is done, I am so happy I finished this lovely ornament, I plan on adding a braid around the edging for a finish.

 This is the Lavander Wings 2004 Automatic Customer Exclusive Design, I bought this at a satash auction in feb. last year, I started to stitch it then put it away yrsterday I finished the border
I hope to have this finished by saturday, and that would make two of my Up For a Challenge

The weatherman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has issued a winter weather advisory for most of Minnesota today and part of tomorrow, the winds are blowing hard and blowing snow so shoveling the drivway is not a good idea, we do have a snowblower but not enough snow on the ground to start it up, I am off today, I am so happy about that, I plan on doing somemore stitching, put patches on my husbands uniform (a few times a year) when the Sgt. in the court house goes on vacation he takes over for her, he normally wears a suit and tie, I think he like to put on the uniform a little he sure looks good.

I also need to take in his dress shirts today he has a large chest but a tiny waist, that is what happens to people who lift weights, oh how I had his diciplinefor working out.

Donot forget this coming week-end is the ISHW week-end.

Time to get back to stitching, hang in there winter is on a down hill slide finally..
Happy Stitching


Monday, January 13, 2014

My Exchange from Ella

I  recieved my exchange from Ella on saturday, I was thrilled with what she sent, it is a round metal tin, the patten is from the Christmas Garden booklet, also including was a lovely strawberry pin keep it smells so good,she made this herself.

This is what I sent Ella, I hope she likes it, the pattern is from the Blackbird Designs Christmas Garden booklet.

  Weare getting more snow this evening and tomorrow, oh how I long for warmer weather, please Mr. Weather man give us warmer weather and less snow.
Welcome to my new followers.

Time to stitch happy stitching.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My very late late december ISHW post and other things

Hello to all my followers, welcome to my new followers I hope all is well with you all and you are satying warm, I am trying so hard to keep a positive mind about this stinky weather.
I do have a late ISHW post, I have no excuse for it other then the holidays did keep me busy.
I finished a Drawn Thread stitch.

This is the Spot of Autumn pattern, this is done on I think 28 count linen, unsure of the type of linen, the finish stitching area is 31/2 by 31/2, I plan on putting this on a small box to hold my orts, this is from the four seasons series.

This is my sewing/craft room I love this room, I have not been good to this place, I have neglected it so much this past two months, I had so much i needed to gey done and never cleaned it after the mass destruction of crafting for  the holidays, I hope to have this mess straightened up soon very soon.

 Now do you think I could have at least put the iron away, nope just lazy old me trying to get to much done in a short period of time, I made my deadlines but left an aftermath that is not pretty, wish me luck.

This is a pattern I started way back in january 2009, it is from the Just Cross Stitch magazine, I was off by one stitch and just wanted to cry, I put it in my Up For A Challenge 2014  I found the stitch and it was an easy fix. I chose a 36 count Edin. White Opal I love the sparkle it has this is a very easy fabric to work with, I used my own choice of threads a mix of DMC, I think the colors are a little light.
I hope to have this done before this week-end.

This is a project I am giving to a very special Lady I call the Quilt Lady, I will finish framing this tomorrow and drop in the mail on saturday, I think she knows who she is, she is also into minatures.
I do hope she likes it.


I am going to show you my Up For A Challenge 15, I hope to have at least 13 of them finished this year. Some are things that are kitted up and others I have started, I am also including pictures of some of the things I need to do the finishing on, loads of work here.

I wish you all good health and loads of stitching.