Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blackbird Exchange in the works

It has been over two weeks since I blogged a lot has happened, my wonderful husband came home from the Phillipines mission trip, the mission trip was a long two and a half weeks.

He is simply exausted and I am sure the rest of the team is also.

The group did leave Father Victor there, for one more week, the Phillipines is his home country we only have him in our Parish for six or seven years he may leave us next year then we get a new Priest.

The Blackbird project I am working on now needs to be done by August 12, that is the final mailing date, we have a wonderful moderator named Patti, she keeps us on our toes, making sure we get things done by the proper date.

The pattern is the Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers #35, Peacock Pinkeep.

I am going to do a pin keep but not like the one on the cover, I am going to use crushed walnut shells for the inside stuffing.

The thread count I used is one over two on 32 count linen, I am also using three colors instead of two, I like the effect so far.

Colors are Gentle Arts Antique Rose, Weeks Dye Works Rust and Weeks Dye Works Scuppernong.

Stitch count is 80X87, I am going to do a pinkeep for myself soon I hope, I have three projects going now one I do out on the patio, one I do in the bedroom and this one I do in the family room in front of the t.v.

I also have a very large project going a roman shade for the big window in the family room, I have been trying to get this done before winter, I just may get it done by the middle of August.

Well my needle is calling so off I go, Peace to you all.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Organizing my beads

I spent four hours organizing my beads and tools for beading I feel much better now.
I was at the point of pulling out my hair everytime I wanted to make a bracelet or earrings, I just had too much in too many places.
I feel like a new women only for a short time, when you get past the age of 50 new only last overnight.
I am in the process of making three scissor fobs, I will be mailing them out sometime next week. I donot know why the letters in this post decided to change they did this on their own.
I am on vacation this week but decided to put in some hours this week and maybe next week. ( I feel so wanted when I am called to work on my vacation).
It was storming today I only asked God for rain not tornados or high winds, I must not have made my request loud enough. Two semis were turned over on their sides do to the high winds.
I really need to sit down and do some stitching I need to
put a few stitches in on a project I am working on soo have a great evening.
Stay safe.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jingles and Jack

Today I finally picked up mt picture from my favorite framer Cindy.

She did such a beautiful job, this is a cute pattern from Becky Boo's.

I am working on my Blackbird Designs exchange, I hope to finish it by sunday.

Peace to you all.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All my deals at the thrift shop.

Today is a good day to go to the thrift store and I made a stash haul. The sock ball is so nice I may have my niece paint on it. I fell in love with the mini basket.

Some of the things I was amazed someone else did not find before I did.
I really like trims, the ric rac is my favorite, I have a drawer full. The little cloths pins I am not suer what to do with them but I am sure I will find something. The silver buttons I want to make a scissors fob with, the pearl buttons will go on a pillow or christmas ornament, the red buttons will go on a spring orniment that I have had done for a long time. The Prairie Schooler oattern was a real surprise I have wanted this foe a long time, the foam pieces are a real bargain, this stuff is not cheap at the local craft store.
The mat cutter is something I really needed.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My New addition

Today I was able to pick up my picture that was stitched last winter, I am so slow to get the framing done, maybe because it is not cheap. This is the Cherry Heart from Shepherds Bush.

I really like the frame, my living room is french country, now I need to find a place on the wall. The colors are so soft and pretty. I used a 40% off coupon plus the flyer I get in the mail had an extra 20% off of any order.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to you all, today we are very lucky to be celebrating such a wonderful holiday.
The thought of freedom is spine tingling when I think of the people in other countries that donot have the freedoms we have.
Have you ever wondered how life would be without our freedoms. I thank-the Lord for the men and women who keep us safe and free.
God Bless America and all who keep her free. I am truely Proud to be American.
HAPPY FOURTH to you all.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Super Duper Sale

Today I was able to go to Stitchville U.S.A. clearence sale, boy did I make a haul for just 29.00 dollars.

I did have a 15.00 dollar punch card and was able to use that toward my haul. Total would have been 44.00 dollars Deb has a punch card for all your regular priced items, so I saved one of my punch cards for this sale.

I was able to find Blackbird patterns that are not in my collection, now they are.

Some of the things are from grab bags, the the large peach colored linen is a great buy, for only 5.25.

The things in the grab bags were all the small patterns and the Cricket Collection chart, all of the fabric except the peach 32 count fabric, were also in the grab bags ( I bought two grab bags), the project books were also a grab bag item, I am using a notebook now for my diary of stitches.

I am excited I will have a better way to keep track of the stitching I do in the future.

There wer about 15 more patterns included in the bags, I just will not have enough room to print the pictures.

The charts with the green stickers are the pattern that were only .50 the Little House Needleworks patterns are from the grab bags also.

Well I am going to have to go now I have to go to the meat market and buy bacon Mike wants B.L.Ts. for dinner.

We now have a balmy 87 degrees and very windy.

Peace to you all

God Bless America

and all who protect her.