Monday, December 17, 2018

The Fifth Photo Of Christmas

Another very pretty photo from Mexico, we love Christmas here, everyone is so happy and full of the Christmas spirit.
Santa brought me a embroidery machine, I have always wanted one, I have been playing with it everyday for the last four days, however I am still in the learning stage.
I took one class so far and plan on taking another, I want to embroidery on my jean jacket and some other items for next spring.
It would be nice to do some Christmas ornaments also.
Its late and time for bed, so sorry I do not have a photo of my new toy, I will post a photo tomorrow when there is better light.
Merry Christmas


Marilyn said...

Love that pic!
Ooooo, lucky you to get an embroidery machine!
Have fun with it!

Sandy said...

How exciting! I need to come take classes with you. I haven't gotten to good at it yet. I have a Craftsy class downloaded to hopefully watch soon.

butterfly said...

Lovely photo ,can't wait to see your work with your new Christmas gift .

marly said...

Catching up! Enjoying the photo days of Christmas.