Saturday, January 22, 2022

Some Framing Some Stitching & What I will Be Doing Next

 Thank-you to all my followers for your comments, welcome to my new followers.

I am so sorry I have not been sending out Thank-You's, I have had a hand issue which I has surgery on my right, and which is my stitching hand, surgery went well hopefully all the cancer is gone.

I did have three items framed however I do not think I will go back to the place that framed them, not a good job, they did not even weave thread back and forth just pinned on the back of core board which left some wrinkles, I had to take apart and redo.

This is a Pamela Kellogg Kitty & Me designs I love her cats; she has a freebie design on her blog this week.

I chose a hand dyed fabric 28 count Laguna Carpe Noctem which I bought on the net from I like their fabric colors and choices.

I decided last November that I was going to stitch at least one -two Christmas items, I chose this Jolly Old St. Nicholas, from JBW Designs, done on 32 count mystery fabric, I have had this for a while, it                                                         was a freebie in an exchange at a retreat.

 This is the free pattern from Sassy Jack's stitchery site, I bought the silk thread and fabric from Sassy                                                               Jack's, I am so loving this design.

I stitched the Church a while ago, it is Little Snowy Blue Church by Nora Corbett, I really like the                         framing and how it looks without matting, we tried matting it just did not look right.

This is a Scattered Seeds Sampler Tammy Black design, Springs Messenger a Pin Keep, I added the                                                          fabric beading which I found at a thrift store.

My next project is   from Belinda at , I really like her youtube videos she                         does on her blog site check her out some time, I plan on staring this soon.

I have been looking for a book to keep track of my projects, I could not find one so make my own is what I will do, I found My Stitchy Project sheet on Pinterest, I will be making a book to add the pages to, I like how it has a place for threads, Designer area, Pattern name and fabric type, fabric count, date started and finished and a note area, there were many free pages to choose from, this one works the best for me.

This is also a design I will be starting after my Blue-Ribbon Designs is finished, I love anything                                                                               involving Valentine's 
I am still recovering and taking it easy, I have done a little finishing of a few items, will show on my                                                                                 next post.

Stay safe and healthy