Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Bitter Sweet Christmas

Happy Holidays to all my followers and the people that just stop by to take a peek.
This year has been a real trial for me, the long hours and bad weather has really taken a toll on me, wow what a year I do hope for a better 2015.
My hopes are to do more stitching,  have a huge garden,  get loads of sun (whenever it appears) excercise more,   ride my bike, spend more time with Family and Friends.
I donot make new year resolutions only because I break them.
I have had very little time to stitch, I hope that changes, I have so many things kitted up even the repair of a quilt my Husbands GrandMother made, simple squares with yarn ties, had to take this apart and am working on taking out the worn pieces and replacing them, what a job, ripping is not fun.

I did manage to get my Just Another Button Co. Turtle put together this week, he is adorable and so small.

I was looking for a cookie press and found a ginger bread boy press, I love to make pressed cookies and this one will be perfect added to my collection, found him at a second hand store, I really scored this time.

I want to tell you about a very special Lady, her name is Donna Faye, she is a lady I know from church, the first time I met her she was a force to be seen, very vocal and knew what she wanted and did get it, I love this lady, sadly a few years ago she became ill, had suffered so much but gave this illness a run for its money.
Donna Faye was just a little bit of a thing, she was so tiny I called her little girl, she loved it, Donna Faye was 82 when she went to be with our Lord before Christmas this year, I am going to miss her so much, my heart hurts.
She helped me with the Christ Child Luncheon every year, she was so cute, and knew what had to be done to get the sales we wanted.
Donna had three children, 7 grandchildren and a wonderful Husband which she was married to for 58 years.
Thay owned a hardware store in Annandale for many many years which is still my go to store for washer, dryer and any other large appliance I need, they beat everyones prices and they deliver.

Donna loved to garden, knit, crochet, play cards and many other things that interested her, she organized the Red Cross Blood Mobile since 1960 what a lady, her daughter Val helped her with this great events she will be greatly missed.

The reason I am writing this is to pay tribute to a beautiful wonderful Lady.
I will miss you little girl.

I hope everyone has had a geat week, please pray for the people lost in the ferry fire and the downed plan in Asia.




Wednesday, December 24, 2014

He has arrived The Blessed Baby Jesus

 The King has arrived the Blessed Baby Jesus
From our home to yours
Merry Christmas

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy winter and Merry Christmas

Greetings to all: I have been so busy with work and other important things, you know it being the Christmas Season, I have been trying to get my home decorated inbetween being out of town for work and other Family obligations.
The first friday of dec. every year we have thew Christ Child Luncheon, I am in charge of the bake shop, whew what a job, all the goodies coming in and the organizing of the sale tables and packaging up all the goodies people buy is a load of work, two days worth, we are already planning on the next years Luncheon.

I have been trying to get my stitching done, what a job that is, I did want to show you the towels I am working on, they are from an old pattern from the year of 1986 Faye Raye Stitcheries is the designer.
I want to get four of each pattern done, wish me luck.

I want to show you the lovely stitch RR from  Michelle in the United Kingdom, I am so lucky to have been part of this great exchange. This is a pattern from  Homespun Elegance one of my favorite designers. Michelle also sent along some lovely fabric with lace yes lace I am a nut for trims and lace. I present to you:

Up next is the exchange I sent to Shirley in New Zealand I present to you: I stitched the heart for the exchange and added the Christmas Moose.

The heart is from this book, it is loaded with lovely patterns, I have stitched a few things from this book.
The Moose is  french pattern, I donot have a picture of the pattern front so sorry.

I still have loads to do and need to get to bed the alarm is going off at 02:30 a.m. I have  a long day tomorrow.

Merry Christmas



Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Holidays to everyone

It has been a gruelling couple of weeks, loads of stuff going on.
Thanksgiving day we spent at a buffet with my Mother, sister-inlaw her husband and of course my wonderful husband.
I like going out I donot have to cook or clean up, yippee.
I have a few pictures to share with you, first up is a beautiful pic of the rising sun, I caught this about 07:25 in the morning thanksgiving day.

Oh so pretty, as you can see there is snow, yes we were lucky enough to get 16 inches in the last heavy snowstorm, yucky.

This is the Drawn Thread pocket I stitched at retreat last spring that Stitchville USA puts on every spring.
I cannot figure why the silk looks wrinkled in the picture, in person it is not wrinkled, it is a mystery to me.

The pictures are kind of wonky I donot know why hope you can see them.

I love this pocket, I am so glad it is finished, I will put it to good use.

I want to show you the best part of the week for me, it is my exchange from Shirley from New Zealand, she stitched me a snowman that is so sweet and adorable. May I present to you:

Is he  just so adorable, I am going to finish him as an ornament this week-end, snow people I leave up until the last of the snow so he will be around alot this winter, thank-you Shirley.

She also sent me  ribbons, silk threads, lace  and buttons yes buttons I love buttons, I plan on using some of them on the snowman ornament.

Look at the lovely cards and post card Shirley sent along, I love the post card it has the name of her town TE AWAMUTU what a cool name for a town, I want to visit New Zealand someday, I have friends who have been there and they say it is beautiful.
Thank-you Shirley for the beautiful exchange.

And the last picture is of course Starlynn (blondie when she is naughty) she loves the heater vent, she loves to be warm, she has started to sleep under the covers with us each night, I would think she would be way to warm but not her, she sleeps in the crook of our arm either myself or Mikes, she takes turns through the night with us.
I should be getting to bed the alarm goes off at 3:45 in the a.m.

Sweet dreams everyone.