Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Late ISHW Post

I did manage to get lots done on my ISHW week-end, minus Mass on saturday nite and dinner out.
I worked on a couple of things, one was the Three Pines Sampler from a Spring Retreat 2012 put on by Stitchville USA in Minnesota.
I have wanted to finish this lovely sampler for a long time it is  even included it in my Up for A Challenge 15,  now I can finally get it framed.
Sorry about the wrinkles I just wanted to get this posted.
This was a challenge for me in one way, I did a queen stitch that was shown on the pattern, it was a little different then the original way a queen stitch is done, so I gave up and stitched it the way I was used to. Jeannette came up with a different way to stitch the queen stitch.
I loved taking this class with Jeannette she is a hoot.

Next is the Hinzeit America, I also finished this on my IHSW week-end, I just need to dye the fabric and add the charms.

I manage to work on a Hunny Bunny by Just Nan, this so much sweeter in person, I was not sure how well it was going to turn out,  pictures sometimes donot show how lovely some patterns really are, I am excited about this little bunny, I am going to make a scissor fob instead of putting it ontop of a spool.

I also worked on a Prairie Schooler, Halloween stitch, Edgar over at Blacksheeps Bit Of the Web, inspired me to get going on my halloween stitching, this is a pattern from 2012 Whoo's There?, I love this piece I hope to have it finished this week-end.

Well that is all for now I need to get back to work the phone is ringing off the hook(what ever that means) lots of patients needing rides  this week.
Happy stitching

Friday, July 19, 2013

IHSW Weekend

Donot forget this is the IHSW weekend I plan on finishing my Pines Sampler from Jeanette Douglas, I was going to have it finished on july fourth but had to put it aside because of company that day and because of work, finally I am seeing the end of the tunnel.
I only have about three hours left to finish stitching, then off to get framed.
I want to remind you to go over to Nancy at, she is having a great givaway, also she has her full collection of threads on sale for the full line, you will have to look at a couple of her previous post to find the post to sign up for the givaway, good luck.

This is something I was able to get stitched together, I love the  Just Another Button Company patterns, as you can see I have a rabbit corner going on in my entryway,  the carrot was done last fall and the Rabbit was finished last month I have not posted pictures for a while, the tall rabbit in the dress is an Annalee Mobilite doll that I found at a second hand store for a whopping five dollars, I love the look on her face.
I made a scissor protector from a pattern I found on Remake Remix Redo blog site, Conny designed this, it was a super fast stitch, I plan on making more with a different color fabric.
This little visitor was on my deck railing for a very long timr I think it is adorabl, he or she let me get very close, mom and dad were  going nuts when I went out to take this picture, the little sweetheart did finally get its wings and flew for a very long time when it finally left I sat and watched it for a long time.
Well it is afterall IHSW weekend so I need to get to stitching.
Hugs everyone.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Great Givaway @ Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Pop on over to Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, Nancy has a great givaway ending july 30, she also has her complete line of floss on special, I have used her threads and they are wonderful. Click on the button on my sidebar to get to Nancy's blog site.
Happy Stitching

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth to you all
I need your help
 I have been trying to email several of my followers, I hit the email button and instead of getting a
page to send a message I get a little box that says I dont have permission to perform this task, does anyone else have this problem or can someone tell me what I need to do to correct this.
I am interested in haveing post from people who are following me to appear on my blog roll on the side of my blog page, I forgot how to do this, you see I am very computer illiterete, I am old and sometimes forget things, not stitching but you know simple things that relate to computers, I am very lucky I know how to turn these things on.
Oh and having a new computer that does not delete my post and emails before I can post them is a real joy, my old laptop was seven years old the guy at  Microcenter the computer store  said that I was lucky to have it last that long.

Happy Fourth to  Everyone.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sneaky Blondie

For some reason Blondie thinks it is o.k. to be on the counters, she has not done this for a very long time, I carry my camara with me always just in case I can get a good picture, sure enough I come in the back door from work and look what I see, the first picture is the one when I first stepped in the kitchen, the second one is when I told her to get down, now why she had to go into the sink is beyond me, after I took this picture in the sink she layed down, the phone rang before I could get another picture, Blondie is a rescue cat she was left at a foreclosure home with dogs and other animals (so sad) Blondie had eyes that were matted shut, a respirtory problem and only weighed 1.6 pounds, the vet did not think she would make it.
That was last november the vet said she was about four weeks old or younger, she is a handfull, sometimes at bedtime she gets an enormous amount of energy and runs up and down on the bed with lots of toys when we are trying to sleep, really I would rather hear the sound of the train horn instead of the running around she does, we have all wood floors so she slams into the walls lots.
We do love her lots but we long for the days when she is more docile.
That is my post for today, I have stitching pics to show later this week.



Monday, July 1, 2013

My very Late IHSW post

I did get to stitch almost the whole IHSW week-end minus fixing meals and going to church.
I stitched a small perferated paper Santa from the Heirloom Santas series, Von Claus no.P923 I just need to cut him out  put him together and add the hanging ribbon, this has been in my stash for a very long time, I told my wonderful Husband I was going to stitch from my stash before adding anymore goodies to my basket. ( I am weak so wish me luck)
Next I stitched a small from The Drawn Thread, started long ago only had a few stitches on it I just found it in my stash basket,  I want to put this on a small box to carry my needles and other stitching things, this is the Simpler Sampler, I did change the colors a little I wanted a darker house so I used leftover threads to stitch this little lovely. 
 Now why did my letters start to slant?
I want to show you my stitching chair for the IHSW.
This was the perfect spot for me, on my front porch, it was a very nice day with temps in the 80s with a great breeze that kept me cool even when the sun shone on me.
I love stitching on this chair it is so comfortable.
I did start working again on one of my class projects from the Stitchville Spring Fling Jeannette Douglas, I am ashamed to say I did not finish this beautiful piece, I came home from Retreat in 2011 and put this lovely project in my stash basket of unfinished projects and now am working on it, shame on me. This is the Three Pines  Sampler it is much prettier in person, with lots of different stitches, I hope to have this finished by the 4th of july, wish me luck.
Yuuuummy looking, I have been having fruit yogurt smoothies, just about every morning. I have a great patch of june bearers and ever bearers, I plan on making jam soon, after I get enough, the price at the fruit stands and the grocery store are way to high so I will use my own berries, the veggie garden is looking so good but that is a picture for my next post.
So sorry about the late IHSW

Happy stitching and many Blessings to you.