Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What A Month

Hello to all my followers: Thank-you to all who have been concerned as to how I am doing.
I have good news and bad news first the bad, I have what is called madelungs  malformation, I was born with this problem, I knew all my life I had something but was never diagnosed with it.
I do not have arthritis, thankfully, the bad news is also I will not be able to have surgery to repair the problem, if I do I will not be able to bend my wrist backward or forward, not even to the side.
The good news is I am back to stitching, the therapy heled immensely, it was determined I had pull something in my wrist/for-arm.
I will be posting photos of the little bit of stitching I have been able to do this week.
I want to be able to get good photos before doing so.
In this time of the Covid19 I wish for all to stay healthy, please pray and hope for this devastating  illness to just go away.
I cannot believe the shelves and coolers/freezers  are empty, I just wanted to buy a gallon of milk, I learned that people are buying milk and other dairy products and freezing them, it is very scary to hear this.
It is a time when we all need to pull through and support each other spiritually.
I hope you all are well and having a beautiful week.

I will be back