Friday, December 21, 2018

A Late Eight Christmas Photo

I just love this Photo

I had to add this tree, I want to try and make one this evening, if I do I will post a photo.
To Heritage Hall and all other Bloggers: If you right click on the photo a page will come up, on that page click save photo, after saving go to your photo link, right click another page will appear hit email, this should enable you to send the GIF with animation, try sending one to your self first.
If this does not work send me an email with the persons email address and I will send it from my computer.
I do not own the rights to this photo, it is from Pinterest so can be shared.
Merry Christmas to All


Mary said...

Christmas is even more special with snow cascading from the Heavens! Love the photo!

Edgar said...

What a super GIF!!!

Carol said...

Oh, that is wonderful with the falling snow, Catherine! Sure wish it was snowing here right now instead of the drenching rains we've been getting! Merry Christmas :)

RJ said...

What a lovely photo Catherine. Are you all ready for Christmas? I finally can enjoy the day thanks to good news. RJ

Faith... said...

Oh I LOVE that tree! Can't wait to see your version of it!

Marilyn said...

Great pics!

Marti said...

I love your animated pictures, but then I love almost any picture of snow falling. I really like your current blog background. I wish I knew how you did that.