Tuesday, January 9, 2024

I Am Late Happy New Year

 Happy Blessed New Year to all: I hope you have a healthy and stitch filled year.

First of all we spent a quiet Christmas Eve alone at home, Mike went to the ER at 05:00 he was there for five hours, heart is good no bleeding, he had stomach flu which radiated pain to his chest, thankfully he is doing great now.

I have done some stitching, I did the Jingle Ball in December, it was a blast, I bought two class's, one from Loz Mathews, I love the kit she sent, I stitched two wreaths, it was a great internet class.

I really like these wreaths, I found mini wreath on a bolt at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas ribbon section so I can make more next Christmas. I did change the style           a bit, I used polka dot ribbon for the backing I hope you like the finish

I finished stitching the 1787 Sampler Smalls, I just need to add the ribbon to the needle book, I took this class from Stitchville USA back in 2020 over the net

I changed the pillow a bit I did not add the fabric around the stitched piece, I opted for braid instead, the added fabric made the pillow a bit larger
The strawberry is my favorite of the set

The pin pillow is so sweet, i want to make many in different colors of fabric and thread for a basket

The scissor keeper just needs to have buttons added in the four corners

The owl I did many years ago, not part of the set

I am not sure why the needle book is so much larger then the scissor keeper but I like it anyway

Had a ball stitching this set, there is an ort jar which i did not take a photo of so sorry

I saw this in the Just Cross Stitch Magazine December 2023

I found the rolling pin at Marshalls for only 3.99 the stand I found at Hobby Lobby, it is supposed to be a wood stand for any kind of photo or whatever, I turned it on                                                its side to use as a pin holder
            I added beads instead of stitching stars, i like the colored beads better

 I bought this kit from Jerome Thomas designs, I really like their designs and kits, so worth the money

                                      The fabric comes so neatly organized

                                 Look at rh lovely cards they send, so sweet

I always get a little sample which is a size that is big enough to use for something

Thats it for now I hope to p[ost again soon