Thursday, December 17, 2015

Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings to all, thank-you for your lovely comments on my last post, I did have to delete a comment that I did not deem fit for my blog, it was a link to a bad site, so sorry if anyone clicked onto that site from my comment section.
Now I was all done writing on this blog today and hit the wrong button and everything was deleted, oh boy if I needed to use a bad word today was it, many things are not going well, a family member that has gone nuts and blames Mike and I for all things wrong in the world, well this is what I say fly a kite you big fat bugger, and leave us alone, you nutcase.

now onto better things
I finished putting together the Shepherds Bush Fold part one, A Full Heart, I bought a Shaker Box on Ebay for 23.00 including shipping, I just could not pay 164.00 dollars for the box it calls for, ouch.

Up next are the two Scattered Seed  sampler Kits from Tammy Black, I just love her primitive looking patterns.

The first one is Harvest waiting, I used crushed walnut shells for the stuffing, this is a pin pillow for my collection.

This is Happy Hearts I love the baby  birds, they are so cute.

Next is a pattern from Just Cross stitch 2015 Ornament issue, New York Dreamers White Christmas, I changed out some of the colors, I wanted a little more color, I hope you like it. I smashed it so it is a little wonky , I do not like the wrinkles so will need to fix that problem.

I want to show you something so cool, this is from Anne is a very talented Lady, you must stop over and see the yarn trees she has made they are so sweet, I have been following her for about a year now, she transforms clothing and does other crafting projects, so please stop over.

Mike says he has a nice surprise for me for Christmas, I just hate it when he does this he teases and teases and I just want to blow up, lucky for him I will be patient and calm, yeah right, tell me tell me now I demand it, heck that did not work, rats.

We have had snow flurry's no snow for Christmas, the weather will be getting warmer again starting Monday, I feel bad for the skiers and snowboard people, the people that go ice fishing are at a loss now the ice is not thick enough to go on around here hopefully the DNR will extend the fishing season this winter.

A little funny I found on Pinterest I love the look on the dogs face.

Time to stitch, until next time.

Merry Christmas to all