Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Post About Stitching

Hello My Dear Friends: Thank-you all for your kind words in my last post, I will be emailing out thank-you's tomorrow.

 ( Note I posted this on  earlier in the week but forgot to publish)

I can finally show you my progress on  Paper Snowflakes, I wanted to have it stitched and ready for framing by my birthday last month but as you all know I did not make it, times march's on.

                                                                           From This

To This

I have not picked up a needle and thread in over a week, I am not felling sorry for myself just lost without any stitching.
I have to show you what my Dear Friend Cheryl made for me, she is a fabulous quilter and made me  this lovely table topper, I am in love with it, sometimes I take the dog for a walk at 11:30 at night, of course this is if I cannot sleep, and she is quilting away I see her sitting at her machine and am totally amazed, Thank-you  Cheryl.
So sorry my photos are not so good I took them when I did not feel well.
When I go shopping I have to put the empty bags on the floor so Blondie can play she plays for a very long time with them.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Some more bad news and then good news

As I sit here, I am over whelmed by how beautiful the Blogging Community is, that you all for your lovely words and prayers, you all touch my heart.
When I posted the last post I did not expect to have such a chain reaction of events, many of you know Michael had triple bypass last July and recovered well, in October he lost the hearing in his right ear due to things that happened inViet Nam and at the Sheriff's Dept.
On Tuesday evening at 23:00 I had to call an ambulance, he had fallen due to the loss of hearing and the blood pressure meds, he has been fighting this dizziness since losing his hearing, he does have hearing aides they help him to hear but not with balance, so after four hours and 55 minutes I went home, but as I sat in the ER with home I started to get a tight pain across my chest and my clavicles, I went home (dumb thing to do) got the dog put out enough cat food for a week and took the dog to the Vet Clinic and explained I may be admitted, I have to be the luckiest person on this earth, I was dehydrated so bad that I had to be given  a solution to rehydrate me, I could not breath only small breaths, wow I do not wish this on even the devil him horrible self.
On  Monday my Mother was able to go home, yahoo but not really they sent her home way too early, she was taken by ambulance again on Wednesday to the hospital, she will be going to acare center next week for rehabilitation, hopefully this will help, Mike came home on Thursday, he is doing well, I am so happy  we have been running our tails off trying to get my Father in laws life back on track after his if you will all pardon my language asshole sister ripped him off, Mike and his other sister have power of attorney and are getting things done another Yahoo!
I am so sorry to dump on you I promise tomorrow I will post progress on my Paper Snowflakes PROMISE.
Again thank you all for thinking of us.

Many Blessings

P.S. I will email thank you soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Please pray for my Mother

Hello Dear Friends: I would like to ask you to pray for my beautiful Mother, she has been in the hospital since Saturday evening, she is having trouble breathing, she has COPD and CHF, this is being a very hard time for me, I only have my Mother  and Brother left.
Lucky for me I have my Sister in laws and Mikes side of the Family for support, Mike has been so wonderful during this time, I had a bad sinus infection for a week and had food poisoning I think from not washing my strawberries very good, I do not wish that illness on anyone.
I will be posting my stitching update tomorrow or Thursday.
So sorry I have not responded with thank you to all that commented on my last post.
I will try to get caught up soon.