Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Special Request

 Hello to all my new and faithful followers: I has a special request, Vickie over at  is doing the series Rick Rack Row, she is missing March and October, is anyone willing to share with her? 

Thank-you all for any and all help.

Vickie is an avid stitcher and reader, she is a joy to know and follow, stop over and say hello to her.



Saturday, January 16, 2021

So Today The Blogs I Follow Are Not Showing On My Sidebar

 I am not sure what is happening but all the blogs I follow are not showing on my sidebar, now I have to get on the ball and find blog address and reinstate them.

What a mess.


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Lost Followers

 I was looking at my blog yesterday and noticed that some of the follower address's I had on the side of my page are missing, I am so sorry for this not sure where they went, it must have something to do with google messing around and trying to fix something which is not broke.

I am slowly accumulating names and address's to add to my sidebar.

It is snowing and raining today pray for the safety of everyone out today.

Please Pray for our country, we really need the Prayers now more then ever.

Hugs to everyone


Monday, January 11, 2021

I Am Not Liking The New Blogger Nothing But Problems

 Hello to all my lovely followers, thank-you from my heart for sticking with me for so long.

I have been stitching some, I did finish a small design I found on Pinterest, not sure who the designer is.

This is the Most Blessed Virgin Mary With baby Jesus, I use varigated threads not sure I like the outcome of the way the threads worked out, looks too stripy, I plan on making it a stand up.

I also did get some stitching done on my Jesus Wept Sampler,  the thread colors are so light looking, I bought all the silk threads from Sassy Jacks, I am not ready to change to another type or color of thread, way too expensive for my blood after spending money on the ones I am using. (sorry about the bad photo)

Here the restaurants will open again today, I am so happy, book club will be tomorrow evening, the book for discussion is a mitch Albom Have a little Faith, it is a true story but and lovely one, I have read his other books.

We went to a Latin Mass yesterday it was so amazingly beautiful it brought tears to my eyes, oh how I miss the Latin Mass.

The snow is melting and weather is warm for January I am not complaining, I like warmer weather.

Have a beautiful week


Saturday, January 2, 2021

Happy New Year

 Thank-you all for your lovely comments on my last post it seems like months since that post.

 I am so happy 2020 is over I hope and pray that 2021 will be a better year, it has been very hard for many of my family and friends, I have not had to adjust too much due to being retired, I still go into the food shelf because there is a need, I just cannot stay home and let people in need suffer, it could have been me, I do love going and giving to those in need, it warms my heart when they thank us for being there for them.

I work with the most amazing people everyone from the director to my husband who also volunteers there three days a week.

We have been very busy with improving our 20 year old home, it is a refreshing feeling to be able to do these thigs.

I also had a large project to work on, I did many and I mean many crystal balls with seed beads, I am now out of crystals and will have to order more, I have now completed over 200 of them.

I do not have much to show you for stitching, being busy with beading and home improvements has taken up much of my time.

I will post a finish tomorrow, I just need to add a few more stitch's to finish.

Happy And Healthy New Year To You All