Monday, November 30, 2020

Troubles With Google And Many Other Things Going On

 I do hope you all are doing your

best during this lockdown phase, frankly I am tired of it, I hope soon it will be over and back to normal.

I have not posted due to problems with google, somehow some of my follower tags were deleted, I now have to find them which will not be easy.

Anyhooo, we have been having many things done here at the old homestead, we had the rest of the windows put in which the house was torn apart by moving furniture, then some painting, then cleaning out cabinets plus the stove pooped out and trying to find one was not easy, however I love the new one it is a beautiful blue in the oven.

I have done some stitching, I finished my Betsy Morgan two weeks ago, I will try to get it constructed before Christmas if all goes well.


I also finished a Scattered Seeds Sampler Remember Me Pin Pillow, I do like Tammy's designs, I have a basket of Pin Pillows started, will show you someday.

I finished a gift to me from Donna over at I could not get the link to work, so sorry.

Not sure why I have two photos of Tammy's Page
I cannot remove it

I am going to start on Jesus Wept this evening, I love this design and hope to have it finished
by the end of the year.

Now for the fun news, we have an addition to our family, his name is Mikey, I named him after  my Brother who passed away in 2003, my Husband, a Friend from the Food Shelf and of course my new found nephew who was a born 50 years ago, I  have not seen him since he was about 5 years old, he contacted me by mail, I was so excited to meet him and his beautiful family, he looks and sounds like my brother, he was adopted by his step father, he is an amazing man who I look forward to spending time with.
Sadly there are only two of us left my brother Joe and myself, Mother and Father passed away a few years ago as did my younger brother Bob, I am so happy I never smoked, they passed away from lung cancer due to smoking.

Meet Mikey he is a small dog he is a Havenese  Chi, he is a bundle of joy even the Cat loves him, Krissy the dog loves him she is no longer sad looking.

He is a bundle of energy, it only took two days to potty train him, he likes to carry our slippers around.
Well that's it for today, I hope to show you a start sometime this week on my Jesus Wept design.
Have a safe and healthy week