Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wow Three Post In A Week

I have been very busy, family has kept me busy since my Father in law passed in September.
I have done some stitching and a finish.
I was at retreat in October, had a blast, I took two projects with me it was hard to have an unfinished design sitting at home but I need quiet to do the small stitching, I am almost done with the class project and hope to construct that and the Jeannette Douglas design I stitched from last springs retreat.
I brought my beads and the girls made scissor fobs at retreat, I sadly did not get a photo of them all.

Not the best photos, the sun sets so early here, we had our heating and air ducts cleaned today, I just could not find the time to take photos.

I did stitch this little ornament a while back,  way back in November 2017, somehow it was stashed away with my linen fabric, I love the bows.

This was a free kit I found in the stash relocation pile, I am thinking of giving this as a gift, it was hard to stitch at first, I took it apart and stitched then I put it back together, this is a Betsy C Stinner Design Earth Threads.

This is the inside needle holder, I love the felt it is so soft to the touch, plus I like the yellow color.

I did work on a Blackbird Design at retreat, however I finished stitching it today.

                                          Breath Of Spring, another pattern I found in Stash pile

I have been busy getting things done for the Christ Child Luncheon at St. Ignatious Catholic Church, we are on our 45th  or 46th  year of having this luncheon, it started out as a Baby Shower for babies in need.
Many and I mean many of the women at our Church make the meal and baked goods for the bake shop which I am in charge of, I have been doing this for 15 years.
This year the new CCW council granted me the right to have a Santa Workshop, I am so excited.
We had a craft day which we painted ornaments which was my station, made cookie in a jar ingredients, the State of Minnesota string art plaques (which I was not sure was going to be anygood) I cannot wait to buy one they are fantastic, another lady made sugar scrubs with essential oils,  another made hand lotion, we also had large boards with wreaths and the words Joy on them, plus some of the younger people made greeting cards.
My contribution from home is 35 beaded crystal beads, neck warmers which I will be sewing tomorrow and painted balls for the Christmas tree.

                                              I took photos this evening not good ones

I made one dozen beaded crystal balls for a fund raiser for Holy Spirit school, the dinner fund raiser is this Friday, sadly this year I cannot go.

Well its time to stitch and have a chocolate milk, my treat to myself every evening.

Just in case I am not able to post again before Thanksgiving I hope you all have a beautiful time with your Families.




marly said...

My goodness you are busy! But all good stuff. Have a great Thanksgiving!

gracie said...

Wonderful projects and generous for you beaded baubles donation.

butterfly said...

Wow , I thought I was busy but looks like you are too.
Love your stitching and your beading, enjoy your day.

Marilyn said...

Great projects.
My, you are busy!
That's a lot of beaded items, so generous of you too.
I have mine hanging in my Autie's china cabinet, when I put up the tree, I will add it.
So beautiful!

Terri Patillo said...

I LOVE your blog background -- Christmas is my time! May I ask from where you chose it?

Sandy said...

You have been busy! I love all the stitches and crafts. I am so busy I can only comment. I am going to try and get a post in before Thanksgiving. Wish me luck:)

Vickie said...

Catherine your stitching is so sweet. It is my prayer that your Santa Workshop is very successful.

Julie said...

I hope you raise lots of money with the Santa Workshop. You made such a vast amount of delightful beaded baubles, they are really effective.
The needlecase is so pretty and your ornament beautiful.

Linda said...

Congrats on all of the lovely stitching Catherine. Good luck with your workshop.


Rita said...

So much beauties! Hope you will have a successfull workshop.

Robin said...

My goodness you have been busy. Your pillow, your needlebook, your Blackbird designs and ALL the beading. All so lovely. Good luck with your Santa’s Workshop.....I know it willl be rewarding. Hope it is profitable too. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Marti said...

You have been busy! I love your stitching, but understand why you wouldn't take it to a retreat where you could get distracted counting. Be Naughty. Love it!

RJ said...

Catherine so many lovely prettier than the next. Be cute! Glad you enjoyed your workshops and had a good time. Good luck with Santa's workshop. I owe you a nice long email...have been having trouble this wee with my hand and arthritis and could not type without alot of pain. Talk soon. RJ

Carol said...

Wow, Catherine! I'm not sure how you get everything done :) I think your Santa's Workshop sounds delightful--best of luck with it!

Mary said...

Wow!! You have been busy Catherine! How kind of you to make all those beaded ornaments. I can't imagine how long one takes, let alone all that you have done. THe Naughty stitch is adorable but I am really impressed with the needlecase. I cannot fathom stitching one over 32, you have great eyesight!