Monday, November 24, 2014

On the road again

Greetings all: I am so glad to be home, it was brutel on the road this past week, icy and snowy and just plain ishy.
Tonight I am stitching  (cannot show you) so sorry it is time to get caught up on my exchange.
Just stitching and drinking hot chocolate, yummy yummy in my tummy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all
I am thankful for my Family, health and life, and all the people that help to keep this country safe and free.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sooo slow at blogging

Hello and a warm welcome to all my followers.
I have been very busy working, this time of year all the snowbirds are trying to get their appointments in before leaving for warmer weather, I do wish I were one of them.
Today the temps started out at  4 degrees, oh my gosh it is cold.
Last monday I was on the road and late for everything due to icy roads and crappy weather, I am so thankful Dr. Jay is patient with me and the driving conditions, over 400 cars ended up in the ditch or accidents, some people think they will not have any problems driving on the winter roads, I take it slow I like to get to my destination safe and arrive home the same way.

 I have been busy stitching and sewing, I am working on a lovely exchange which I cannot show you just yet.

I am making a wine tote bag for a friend who gave me a gift a little over a year ago and now have finally found just the right thing for her, this is the start of the tote, I will show the finished item soon.

This is a curved bag with pockets on each side, it is a pattern from the Minnesota  Needlework Guild.
Next up are some mice I am putting together, this is a free pattern from Bustle and Sew magazine
This is a great magazine, sign up for the newsletter. if you get a chance.
I love these little mice they are so sweet. I need to make 12 of them, I hope to have them finished next week-end, wish me luck.

I bought some fabric from an on line store, I have wanted to stitch a halloween pattern with something special, so hunted for a while and found a great place on the net,,  I will be buying from this site again, the fabric is hand painted and oh so nice. it is 27X17.5 28 count Lugana the name is Carpe Noctem, I will start stitching my halloween pattern after the first of the year, I am way too busy now to start anything new.

I went to Becca Beads in Maple Lake Minnesota last week for a class, Becky has the best shop I have had the pleasure of visiting,  the shop is filled with oh so many beautiful beads to choose from, Becky makes many of her own beads and does horse hair bracelets, someday I will buy one from her, they are beautiful.
I bought three spiders that a friend of hers made,  they are so sweet, they will also be gifts for someone for their Christmas Tree.

They are about 2 inches long, made out of beads and buttons and for only three dollars apiece I think I got a deal.

I am still working on my Christmas towels I have three done and will finish the fourth this evening, I will post a picture on monday or tuesday.

We are going to buy a new living room set today, we donated the set we have now to the Youth Room at Church, thye really needed a set the group is using a sofa that is really a mess and broken up oh so old.
We will go out to lunch today yippee, hot hot soup sounds good to me with a big piece of french bread yummy yummy in my tummy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank-you Veterans

Blessings and a big thank-you to all Veterans past present and future, without you I would not be able to enjoy the freedoms I do.
God Bless America and all She stands for.