Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thank-you Edgar

Dearest Edgar: I want to tell you how sorry I am that I have not posted this sooner, I have had problems with  downloading pictures to my computer.
I love this lovely Post Card I collect Post Crad, this is a treasure, thank-you so much.
I love the look of the black and white picture.
I was the lucky winner of Edgars givaway over at Blacksheeps Bit of The Web, a site all should join, Edgar is a hoot to follow.
The givaway I won is a Classic Needlepoint Victorian Birds Series Design No. 78- Parrot & Lilies, it is positively  beautiful, I am stitching on it today, I  am not sure if it will be a picture or a screen in front of the fireplace (gas fireplace) I would be afraid to put it in front of a wood burning fireplace.
Edgar I am so happy and thank-ful you pulled my name.
Blessings to you Dear Man.
I have been working on my Blackbird Designs Exchange project, I will mail it out tomorrow to my Exchange Partner, I will post pictures of the finished project when it arrives to my Partner.
This is the Lenten Book this year that our Church is handing out it has daily Devotions for everyday during Lent.
I love the fresh colors of the Lenten Season, St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Annandale,  Mn. is being decorated this week with fresh flowers and other lovely adornments for this most Blessed Seasons of the new year.
Well my fingers are itching to work on my new needlepoint from Edgar.

Easter Blessings to you all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not a stitching post today

Another day in Morris Minnesota, at least it is not snowing, they had 18 inches of snow on sunday, ick.
I donot have a stitching post today because I forgot my camara and the disc to download pictures so I thought I would show a picture of the suet I made for the birds who are having a hard time finding food this cold winter.
My wonderful husband bought cow fat or (suet) from the meat market in Annandale Mn.
I mixed peanut butter, peanuts, and other nuts with cranberries and some bird seed.
They love it, the bird eating was not afraid of me in the window, even my new kitty was able to sit and watch, the bird eat..
It is amazing how little it cost to feed them, the suet cake last about 2 weeks, at a cost of about 4.00 dollars.
We have many feeders on the deck and back yard in the winter, we get deer, pheasants and other wild animals stopping by to eat, it is truely beautiful.
I will post an update on my stitching on friday or sooner, I am working on a Blackbird Designs Exchange now so alot of other stitching is put aside, I will mail out my exchange this saturday.
I just need to stain and finish the box and hope my exchange partner loves it.
I was the winner of Edgars givaway, it is a needlepoint canvas that is so beautiful, I started stitching on it on sunday, I will post pictures on my next post.
I am sitting here with an empty cup of coffee, I need to get another latte, talk to you soon.

Happy Fat Tuesday


Friday, February 1, 2013

My Valentine Project

I have been trying to stay warm, the temp this morning when I woke up was -14 degrees, I had a dental appoinyment for cleaning, I just did not want to go outside but being a hardy Minnesotan I did ans wow oh so cold with a windchill.
I have been frogging this piece I was ready to do the back stitching and took a really long look at this piece trying to figure out why it looked so different, this is a Mystery Stitch by Mike Vickery from The Cross Stitcher magazine  I am not used to Valentine colors like this, I think I will tea dye it after all the stitching is done, I love the pattern just not the colors, I was off by three cross stitches so had to rip the lefr side of the framing the wide and thin framing had to go, oh well that is what I get for not watching waht I was doing.
This is one of my Up For A Challenge projects, I will be glad when it is finished.
I see lots of  beautiful Valentine stitching ourt there, I plan on starting on Blackbird Designs Valentine Message on sunday.
I hope everyone has a warm day werever it is cold and a cool day (not so hot ) in warmer places