Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new Halloween WIP

Today I needed a rest from Earthdancer, she is haunting me and mocking me so I put her aside, still she beckons me to finish her.

She says the framer is waiting, well the framer can wait.

I started this today and hope to have it finished by this evening.

This is a Shepherds Bush pattern for a needleroll but I will be making a block to sit on my sofa table at halloween.

I picked the purple because I do not have much of the color purple with my halloween decorations.

I am almost finished with Franenstein, he is so cute, the witch is so hard to see I think she will do fine.

Today the temp did not reach 20 above, I am just snuggled in, Mike went to Mass tonight because he bought me a t.v. for my birthday and Direct T.V. is coming tomorrow to hook everything up when I am at church, tomorrow is donut sunday I can catch up with the local news, you know are there any new baby's or who is moving out of town, the usual stuff.

Keep warm and please pray for the people in Haiti.

Stay Safe


Monday, January 25, 2010

Today I have the day off due to the fact no cardioligist are not going out to greater Minnesota.

So I decided to take a real good look at the largest stitch project I have ever taken on.

I really like this pattern, the only problem I have is the beading, boy you really need to be careful or the beads start to turn sidways.

I am considering taking off the bead and go with cross stitches.

I am pulling my hair out.

I did manage to finish another project, I made a roman shade for the large window in the family room, what a job that was.

It is now snowing and the winds are about 23 miles per hour, my husband is in Iowa and it is worse there. stay warm my honey bunny,

KQRS is on and playing Aerosmith I really like this band.

The dog and cat are sleeping together, this is not the norm.

They hate each other, since peanut has become sick (Lymes disease) she only has a small window of time left, we will not get another dog it is just too hard to know that you lose a member of the family even if it is a dog its your child.

Verne the cat is so much loving to her, it is very touching.

I think I will go on a weather man hunt and ask if he needs a lesson in giving the correct weather report, yesterday he said that the sun will peek out, well we are waiting.

If you are not a fan of The Twisted Stitcher please look her up she is so funny and full of info.

Stay Safe and warm.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Halloween finish finally.

Well as you can see I finnally finished this oh so cute picture. I suppose you can say I am either late or way too early for halloween.

I really like this pattern Jungles and Jack are maybe the very best of friends.

I did change some of the colors, my mistake, I should have gone with the colors suggested.

This chart is a Becky Boo's, a easy pattern to read. I am working on another halloween pattern from a very old magazine.

I went through some of my old old magazines and found all kinds of great patterns.

Oh gosh my tummy is calling for food I have to go eat.

Stay Safe


Monday, January 18, 2010

Finished my exchange

I finally finished my project for my exchange partner I do hope she likes it.

Now I must tell you that I am not the best at finishing.

I did a small box, on the inside and outside I copied two squares of Moda Blackbird Designs Beach House fabric on my copier, I then glued the copied paper inside and outside, I had a little fabric leftover from another project but not enough to do the box so I had to copy.

I made an ort box (round) and affixed the stitched piece on top.

I also did a (round box) with a magnet on the inside for needles, I also did a scissors fob.

I did change the Noel on top of the box to the word needle. These patterns are from the Joyoux Noel booklet, I am now trying to decide which pattern will be my next project from the booklet ( Joyoux Noel booklet).

I am sending my package off tomorrow.

Stay Safe


Thursday, January 14, 2010

For my exchange partner almost finished

I am almost finished with my exchange partners item, I am putting this together this evening.

I am doing a box top with the bird needle pattern and the three little flower pots will be a needle case , a scissors fob and an ort box, I put the quarter on the fabric to show how small the flower pots are.

These patterns are from the Blackbird Joyeux Noel Book. This book offer sixteen patterns all so beautiful.

If you do not own this book it is well worth the money.

Barb and Alma are so talented and offer such refreshing patterns, in cross stitch and quilting.

Now its time to go too work.

I will post the finished work tonight or tomorrow.

Stay Safe.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday Season

Today I spent a great lunch with my mother and sister-in-law.
We went to Emma Krumbee's for brunch yum.
It is my mothers birthday and she is 79 years young.
The food was wonderful but of course we went shopping after for a mattress for mom, she has been sleeping on a mattress with a large sink hole, I do not know how she gets out.
Of course she tried to fight us a little, she finally picked out a pink memory foam mattress.
We had to spend Christmas on sunday because the weather was so bad on Christmas Eve.
I was so lucky I got beautiful jammies from my sister-in-law black with white flowers. I think they look like an evening outfit I can wear the top over my suit coat for work.
my mother gave me beautiful Sweater set from QVC. My Nephew and his family gave me a Fish Lite for my bathroom, my husband gave me two 75.00 gift certificates for my favorite cross stitch shop, Stitchville U.S.A. in Minnetonka, Minn.
I am currently working on an exchange for the Blackbird exchange, this is my third exchange and hope to finish today and send off tomorrow.
I am also working on The Butternut Road Earthdancer By Marilyn Leavitt-Inblum.
I will post a picture when my Officejet comes back from the doctor, then I can download pictures again.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yeart to you and your Family.