Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Some Ribbons Won At The County Fair And A Finish

Greetings to all my dear friends in Bloglane: I hope you can forgive me for not sending thank-you's for your comments, it is so busy here with such a short season of warm weather, we try to get loads of stuff done, plus some things going on with my father in law.
Well I entered five items in the County fair last weekend, I did well at least I think I did.

I won First Place Grand Champion with my stitched With Thy Needle And Thread Birds Of A Feather, I did not expect to win anything above first or second place, I cried a little I was so happy.
One other Lady won Grand Champion but in a quilting division, her quilt was positively amazing.

I won first place  for With Thy Needle And thread Cutting Paper Snowflakes. I won this ribbon in the senior division.

I also won first place for two beaded crystal balls, one in the  Senior division and one in the regular division.

I won a first place for a purple bracelet, this was also in the regular division.

I will enter the two beaded Crystal Balls into the state fair and the two stitched pictures also this year.

I did have a finish I stitched the very small 40 count  Tiny Treasures from Jeannette Douglas, ( it is a mini and I mean mini) last weekend, I bought a vintage looking chain to put it on.

Well tomorrow we are hosting a Priest from Iringa  Tanzania Africa, we host him every two years, he comes to raise money for the School, Dorms for Boys and Girls so they may go to school, a clinic and a small hospital, we are very lucky to have him as a guest, Father Augustine Mbeche.

Well folks its time to walk the dog and get to bed.
I hope you are all having good weather.


Friday, July 6, 2018

Stitching Done Now Crunstruction Starts

I hope all who celebrate the Fourth of July had a beautiful Day, we had rain but it stopped just in time for the parade, then more rain after parade and stopped just in time for the fireworks, yahoo.
I want to thank-you all for your lovely comments, it touch's my heart, I would send out emails with thank-you's but it has been very busy here.
Mike and his sister had to put their step father into memory care, it is heart breaking, he is an inventor and has such a mind near an IQ of 140, an amazing man.
We have been doing lots of home improvements and lots of outside work, it is such a short season here that we need to get trees bush's and other things trimmed and replanted.

I did finish the stitching on my Jeannette Douglas Class Project, I am excited to get to the construction.

This is what I finished last Friday evening, this is the scissor case, the buttons I used are from RJ and Mary over at: http://stitchingfriendsforever2.blogspot.com, I won the buttons in a giveaway.

This is the finished stitching,   I used buttons fro  RJ and Mary on the pin pillow and the needlebook, I turned the button over on the needlebook because it had a beautiful brownish color just perfect for the  design on the pillow.

This is a design I stitched a few years ago, it was from a pay it forward group, I love this design, it is a Stitcher's Hideaway  class piece.

I am now going to eat ribs and relax a little before starting on the construction of my Jeannette Douglas project.
Have a beautiful week.