Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Some Christmas Photos And A New Start

Happy New Year my Dear Friends: I have a new start, this is a it is Perforated Paper Heirloom Santas this is Sinterklaas, this was a freebie from the Needlework Guild of Minnesota stash reduction pile.
I like working on perforated paper, I hope to have him done by tomorrow evening.

Then I plan on starting Brenda Gervais Paper Snowflakes, I love this design, I can leave this up all winter, I do not need to take it down because it is not directly related to Christmas, I did buy the required threads, ouch is all I can say when paying for the threads needed.
I bought his a while back and am finally getting to it. ( bought way back in March) sorry about the blurry photo.

Now how about a few Christmas decorating photos, I did not do a lot of decorating this year.
Our tree in the living room, small but sweet. Not a really good photo, so sorry, I was in a hurry.

This is the tree in my office, I spend a few hours a day selling on Ebay and wanted a tree to look at.

This is a snowglobe I bought at Walgreens a few years ago, I have a green  Christmas Tree also that is a snowglobe with light and floating flakes.

This is the setting on my coffee table, I should have turned on the electric candle before taking the photo.
This is my Husband sister and brother in law, they host Christmas Eve every year, she is such a hoot, we make each other laugh all the time, I can look at her and not say a word and we start to crack up.
She hires a Santa every year we all have to take out turns sitting on Santas lap just to get a present and listen to what we need to change in the new year, Santa said I need to stop nagging Mike about his driving before we get out of the driveway, it is all for laughs.

So after the last snow fall I was shoveling off the back deck, Mike came out with this outfit on so I told him he was going to have to have a photo taken so I can post it, he said no but what he does not know will not hurt him, giggles, it was a whopping 05 degrees above zero that day.

Mike was is very generous to me  when buying gifts, we were only to buy one gift each he does not know how to listen to what he says.
There is a company here in Minnesota called Thymes, they have the best lotions and other great items, he bought me way to much. This first photo is a sampling bag, there are a few new fragrances.

I love the smell of Frasier Fir candles, they are yummy.

This is my favorite lotion and soap from Thymes, it is so soft and smell so good the Ladies at the Fragrance counter at some of the big stores like the smell.
This is Olive Leaf, it is so yummy.

I want to Wish You All A Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Oh Boy The Holidays were Fun

I had so much baking and cooking done before leaving for Mikes sisters place, whew now to relax.
I will post a few photos tomorrow, I just need to keep winding down a bit.
It was a little warmer here today about 19 degrees, still cold for me, you know I like it hot.
Thank-you to all the lovely people that commented on my last post, I still need to email you thank-you's so sorry I am behind, I have been stitching and hope to keep up the stitching pace  into next year.
My tummy is full and now to plan on my new exercise routine, I hate to exercise but I have to do it, I packed on eight pounds over Christmas and I feel it now ouch is all I can say.
I had a bone scan today and hope all is well, I will find out in the next week hopefully.
I am trying to get so much  done health wise  before the end of the year, I have a bigger copay next year with my supplement.
Mike is feeling better each day, hopefully he will be back to a better health soon, I whispered oh crap and he heard it from the other room, I was folding laundry and dropped a few things all I said was oh crap and he heard it with his new hearing aides

Just a few fun photos, I will post again tomorrow, all photos found on Pinterest

I want to make these cupcakes they are so cute and look so yummy, I like marshmallows.

Some feathered friends having fun with a snowman, this is so sweet, I love the nose on this snowman.



Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
It has been a little hectic around here and finally things are calming down a bit.
I did get my baking done yesterday and cleaning today.
Mike has had more doctors visits and will get his hearing aides tomorrow yahoo he is so happy, I am saddened he has lost his hearing completely in his right ear, the fact that he came into contact with agent orange when he was in the Navy back in the late 60s early 70s has done so much damage, his triple bypass the huge mass on his lung and the hearing loss has taken a toll on him.
The V.A. has been wonderful and very accommodating  to us, they say that this is a pattern of illness from agent orange, two times he was on land from the ship on  the days they had dropped agent orange so sad.
Anyways that is why I have not been around much this year, I plan on posting more next year and yes I am doing New Year resolutions, number 1 is to lose some weight and two is to stitch more and three post more here in Blog land.

Soon The King Will Be Here
What a beautiful Family

                                                Photo Found On Pinterest

Me getting ready for Christmas
Photo found on Pinterest
Merry Christmas.
 Blondie the Cat
And Krissy