Thursday, October 28, 2010

My New sewing Machine

I have a new sewing machine my most wonderful husband bought a bicycle and he felt that I should have a new sewing machine.
I have been buying cheap machines you know about $67.00 at Target my fav store.I am so excited, you can hardly hear it running, it is so quiet, I did do some sewing for an auction this week-end for a stitch retreat we donate the money to a worthy cause the last two stitch-ins we
used the money to buy calling cards for the RedBulls in the middle east. I really do not want to be away from my new baby, I really need to take some quilt classes now. This Brother sewing machine is made in the United States of America, Mikes bike is also made in America, we are trying hard to buy stuff made in America its hard but we are able to find lots of things we need that are made in this wonderful country we live in.
God Bless America
Peace to you all

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Retreat Time

The stand-ups are for the auction this
week-end retreat. I will show a finished
picture after retreat.
One is a cat, a pumpkin and a bat.

This fabric is turning into the stand-ups above.

I love this table rug I made one for myself last year.
I will donate this pumpkin rug to this week-ends auction.

These snow angels are so cute I will be donating this table rug to the auction this week-end.
This week-end is the fall retreat at Totino Grace Retreat Center in Fridley, Minn.
I think about 32 ladies will attend we do have a few that are day stitchers, they live nearby so paying to stitch by day saves them some money, it will be a great time as always, we have an auction for items that are made by some of the stitchers I will post pictures next week sometime, of this week-end retreat.
We vote on a cause to donate the money to, last Oct and Feb we donated the money to buy calling cards for service men and women in the middle east.
I have not been able to blog much due to the busy time of year snowbirds are getting all their medical appts. in before heading south (lucky people heading south).
I have been busy with my new sewing machine an I love it. I will post a picture tomorrow.
Peace to you all.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescue of Miners

As I sit and watch the rescue of the Miners that were trapped for 69 days I am in awe, would our president stay at the rescue site throughout the day and night? I hope he would as well as his wife.
The chilling fact is that not one person gave up hope of rescuing these very brave men.
I pray that they do not have any affter effects from the memories of their entrapment, for the people that donot believe in prayer, I am sad for you I have total belief that the resue could not have been attempted or completed without prayer.
I was able to stay up and watch the first man to come out of the small hole, wow what a feat, how lucky are they that they have the full support of their country and the world, I was pretty tired when I went to work this morning but made it through the day.
Please I ask you to pray for all the men and their families that they make it through these tough times.
Peace to you all
In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have been very busy lately with a mother who is ill and work is just so busy, things are getting better, I have a post of a project I started in Sept. I finally finished her, on sunday I used 32 count fabric I am not sure of the type I have had this fabric for so long, I used D.M.C. threads the varigated is also D.M.C.
I stitched Winifred The Witch from the Just Cross Stitch Sept/Oct 2010 issue, I love this years issue, I think I will do the Owl and Pumpkin next, after I finish my penny rugs I am making these rugs for a fund raiser for stitch group, we meet two week-end a year at the Totino Grace Retreat Center in Fridley Minnesota, this year we are meeting the week-end of halloween, Fri-Sun. We stitch all afternoon Fri into the late night, and go home on Sunday at around 14:00.
We auction off all our old patterns and have a silent auction for the things like my penny rugs Marsh makes felted snowfamilies, felted pumpkins squash and purses, her work is excellent, Keli makes soaps and other goodies that smell good. Other ladies make things like socks scarves etc, there is a lot to bid on, we use the money we make to buy calling cards for our wonderful service men and women over seas, this is a great way for them to stay in contact with their families.
I will post pictures after stitch week-end.
Happy Fall to you all.