Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lots Of Yard Work & Some Stitching

Welcome to all my flowers and visitors: Happy First Day Of Summer to you all.
Thank-you all for your past comments, I am sure some of you cannot comment due to Blogger, someday I hope they get things fixed.
I have tried to comment on a few Blogs to no success, I am so sorry about that.
I have had to comment as anonymous which helps on some blogs but not all.
Anyhoo, it has been very busy around here, we have such a long cold season that we need to get lots done before  the cold and snow with ice come.
With Mike being in charge of the Church cemetery it has been busy a big and I mean big tree came down in the oldest part of the cemetery, we have been hauling big branch's I am so sore.

I have been stitching when I can, I did finish the stitching on the cube of my Jeannette Douglas design class project, I am almost done with this project, yahoo. Not sure why I cannot rotate this photo.

I will be stitching some more this evening on the scissor sheath, I hope to have the stitching done by Sunday, hopefully, I will post a update photo of my stitching tomorrow or Friday, I have to work at the Foodshelf this evening so not much stitching today.
We also have to have a new water heater installed  today, the one we have now is only two years old, that is what happens when things are made in other countries no quality control.
Happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Posting Comments

Hello to all my Dear Friends, I seem to not be the only one who cannot post comments on some blogs, I have posted as anonymous instead of through Google, I do add that it is Catherine from I love to Stitch so that the person knows who I am.
 All but one comment went through, the one that did not go through was Marti, so sorry I tried Marty.
I hope this crap goes away soon, some of my followers I am sure are trying to leave comments but cannot.
I also want to tell you I have deleted a post by someone named dono solo they had many links added after there post to me they were all sick  links, be careful people with bloggers like her.
I hope all is well with you all and I hope to post the progress on my stitching this evening.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

I Have Been Stitching And A Beautiful Gift

Hello to all my followers: I want to thank-you all for your continued following and comments, for some reason Blogger is giving many of us a problem since they changed something in the European Blogger World.
Welcome to all my new followers,  I am so sorry I have not sent out thank-you's to all that have commented, I will get to it soon.

I received a beautiful gift from Gracie over at please stop over and see what Gracie has going, she is a very talented Lady.
She sent me some beauties. So sorry about the photo not being the best, it has been cloudy and rainy off and on. Aren't they beautiful, Thank-you Gracie I love them.

I have been stitching I finished the needleroll and started on the box top for my Jeannette Douglas class project, I finished it on Monday night, I did a big happy dance, I am working on the cube now, I think I may enter this set in the County Fair, if I do well enough at the Fair I will enter it into the State Fair.

                                                                From Here To Here

I made many bracelets for my cousins shop yesterday, I was so busy, I enjoyed a different pace of day.

I love the leather bracelets they are so simple but so pretty.

The beaded bracelets are simple and looked better on then off, they were suppose to have button closers, I find they do not last long when taken off and on so a lobster claw closer is better.
So as I was taking photos today of the bracelets I had a brain storm, I have all these old vintage pins, (I have more then this) I want to make them into bracelets, I hope they turn out okay.
Her is a photo of the first deck board going down over the old deck boards.

We have a 52 foot deck on the back of the house, this is a long big job, at least I can stitch, I asked Mike if I could help, he said do you want me to stitch on your project? nope I will stitch instead of helping you, I think I made a good choice.

It is 09:30 time for a cuppa joe and some serious stitching.
Have a pleasant day.