Saturday, December 30, 2017

Two Posts In Twenty Four Hours

Happy New Year to all, I know its not the new Year yet but just in case I cannot come back to wish you all greetings I will do it this evening.

I have to show you what RJ made for me, this is beautiful, the stitching is positively beautiful, the thought and work she put into this charming Locket is amazing
I had to go buy a dress to wear it with, it is worthy of a new outfit of course.
(so sorry RJ I could not get a better photo)

I tried my best to get a good photo, outside it was so cold my camera would not click, I had to do the best I could inside, this photo does not show the Honeycomb that is stitched on this beauty, so sorry RJ, I promise everyone I will take a better photo when it is nicer outdoors, it was only -1 degree today for a high in our area.
Do you see the little Believe charm? that is going on my gold charm bracelet, I just love this little charm it is so sweet.
RJ also sent me a super cute snowman, he is adorable, I will add him to my snowman collection which I put out after Christmas, of course this is the first snowman of the year, he is sitting with my Believe sign right now in the bedroom, he will be moved out to the living room after Monday.
I am so Blessed to have so many lovely friends here in Blog Land, I have been lifted by your comments and friendship at my saddest times, thank-you to all of you who comment and who email me.


Friday, December 29, 2017

A nEw Year Is Upon Us

I never make New Year resolutions, I never keep them.
I do plan on trying to get fitter by doing Yoga, Mike my most wonderful Husband bought me a book on Yoga, at first he was afraid to give it too me, he thought he was insulting me, I told him no I really need this little push, I am ready to do some stretching and other things that make me hurt, I tried Yoga at a business expo once I was so sore the next day, so I will give it a try it is for the mind body and soul.

I was trying to take photos of our tree in the living room, I just could not get a great photo, no matter what I di, I tried in the day and at night, the night photo looks better then the day, it has been very gloomy around here, snow and cold, it is very cold here 5 degrees below zero with a wind chill of -20 degrees, brrrr.

I stood way back and way close the camera did not want to take a good photo, I am not sure why at night the photo made the tree look pink, maybe something wrong with the camera.

I took a photo of one of the Santa displays I have out, this was the last Christmas Photo the camera took.

The most beautiful and wonderful RJ over at sent me this beautiful Star, RJ also sent me a beautiful Stitched Locket with a Believe Charm and a super sweet Snowman, she is such a sweet and generous Lady, Thank-you RJ.
( I promise I will take photos of the Snowflake and other gist RJ sent me in the daylight outside.

I did this stocking for Mike way back in the muddle 90s, it was from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine, I never did one for me maybe this year I will.

I have been stitching the last couple of days, I finished my Scattered Seed Sampler Armchair needle keeper, and started a Brenda Gervais Pin Feathers, I just love this design, I have started a Blackbird Design and will show photos tomorrow.

I hope you are all well and enjoying this Holiday Season

Happy New Year

Monday, December 25, 2017

He has arrived Hallelujah

May this Blessed Season find you happy and loved.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 15, 2017

Busy Time Of The Year

Thank-you to all your comments on my last post, I am so sorry if I did not email you a thank-you, some of you do not have a email to respond too, thank-you for your kindness.

I have been very busy cooking baking and making ornaments this past week.
I need to make fifteen before this Sunday, I am on a roll, they take about an hour and one half to make.
I love the way they sparkle in the light.
So far I have eight done, I will be sending some of them off tomorrow and hopefully meet the others at Church soon, to give them their gifts.

I found this sign at a second hand store I just love it. I do Believe and hope you all do also, Santa in my eyes is someone who is kind generous not just with gifts but time and kind words, he does exist.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy Hanukkah To You


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cold Cold & More Cold

Happy Holidays everyone: It is so cold here it was only 14 degrees at 06:00, brrrrrr, even the dog who loves the outdoors could not get in the house fast enough.
Thank-you for all your kind comments and Prayers on my up coming test, some of you I could respond too some had no emails so thank-you from my heart.
So I have been thinking, I am where God wants me to be, if I get bad news I will handle it, enough of that.

I did some stitching this week but really screwed up I did not measure half-way as I was suppose to but its an easy fix I will stitch the other half and cut and paste the design, I am determined to make this work, I did not see the mistake until I was finished stitching the one side as you can see,  so checking once is good checking twice is really good but checking and counting three times is the best, I learned my lesson.

See where the pink pen is? That is the half way mark of the fabric I should have counted down about 34 stitch's, silly me.

I stitched this last weekend I just need to block it, I did not take a photo of the designer so sorry, this will be my mug rug after finishing the back. The stitch's are not very even, its okay it will get coffee spilled on it.

I want to show you my life saver, Mike bought this latte machine for me about five years ago, it is now acting up, Breville has a market on the fixing of this thing, it would cost about 300.00 and up to fix it, I am hoping it survives a couple of more years, I look forward to my Latte every morning, its kind of a ritual.

This is the grinder it is almost twenty years old, not a thing wrong with it so far, so this morning I was grinding fresh beans, I was thinking, what happens if one of these breaks down, I will not spend the money for a new Latte machine, I will not buy another grinder, I will learn to drink coffee from my percolator I still have one it old very old and still works, I looked at Keurig, not for me, holy moly the cups are expensive.

I am decorating the house this week I am not going over board this year, I hate taking down or maybe I am just getting too old for this, naw just kidding.

Its time for lunch and a little stitching, until next time my Dear Friends.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

I finally constructed a stitched piece

Hello Everyone: I finally finished constructing a design I stitched on November 22, I am so happy with this adorable design, the Heart Pinkeep will hang on my tree for Christmas.
I used a light pad to align the fabric and linen to get the right finish.
I have had problems aligning the fabric sometimes, I thought that the light would help and it did.
I stuffed them both with crushed walnut shells,

I had a ball at the Christ Child Luncheon yesterday, we sold all out of the baked goods, I make a donation but came home with no goodies, I will be baking for Christmas soon, so no goodies to tempt me.
I have some news which may or may not be good, I need to see a ENT I have a large mass in my throat, please pray for me that it is only a gland or thyroid  problem and not a tumor, so sorry for the bad news, I will be going in on the 18th for a consultation then they will decide if I get the camera down the throat, ewwwww, I am being optimistic about this, whatever God hands me I will handle with Grace.
Time to stitch, then Mass at 5:oo and my date night out with Mike.
To you All
Happy Holidays