Friday, October 25, 2019

I Am So Busy

Hello to all: It is fall here the colors are hanging on for a while longer then normal due to the cloudy skies and rain, which is okay with me.
I want to show you what the Lovely Marilyn sent me, I was so surprised to get this package it was unexpected.
I love the pin pillow, Marilyn you did a beautiful job of stitching and finishing, I will proudly use and brag about it at my next stitch-in, I love trims, I plan on using this trim on the design I am stitching of the owls.
Do you see the small foldable scissors, I love them, I am an avid reader she also sent along book markers, I usually have a few books going at a time they will be used.
Marily: From my heart thank-you.

I have done a bit of stitching, I finished my Noel from Lynn over at  I love Lynn's Black cat series.
I finished this beauty on Sunday. So sorry about the wrinkles, i hope to have this framed this evening.

I started and its a little start on the pattern I won from her giveaway, I love owls, this design is adorable in my eyes.

I hope to have this finished by next Saturday, hopefully and have it framed to display in the kitchen.
I have been very busy helping to plan the fund raiser and brunch at Church, this is a fund raiser for the Stain glass windows we are putting in, we will be having some of the Beatitudes put in the Sanctuary and a very large Stain Glass I think Jesus Being Baptized.
We have been planning something and making items almost everyday, it is a lot of work for five people.
I have also been at planning meetings for the Christ Child Luncheon that is coming in December, we have had this event for 50 years, it takes three months of planning and doing.

I ask you to please pray for the people in California, the fires are horrible, it looks like hell here on earth, please pray no one gets hurt fighting the fires and no lives are lost.

Blessed Fall To Everyone

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Found A New Blogger

Greerings everyone: I have found a new Blogger her first post was September 12 2019, please visit her.
  This is what I see outside my office window, I do surveys for a couple of hours everyday, it so nice seeing the sun and beautiful colors of Autumn.
I will post maybe tomorrow or Monday what I have been up to in the finishing room.

Thank-you for visiting and leaving comments.


Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Beautiful Package From Lynda Ruth And Some Stitching

Hello to all my faithful followers, I have not been very good about posting my goings on, however I have been having problems with commenting and posting, for some reason I can only comment to a few blogs then nothing.

I want to show you what the beautiful Lynda Ruth over at sent me when I guessed the closet to her stash of patterns and magazines. I am very lucky.

I am totally loving my gifts, Lynda Ruth is a very generous Lady. I have to start the Snowman design soon.

I have many hand towels I want to stitch with flowers, these books are perfect, many designs to choose from.

I love the bird house notebook, and the grease board which is perfect for my sewing room.

  I have to tell you I have wanted to buy a fruit knife since I had a friend use one, they are perfect for cutting fruit, I have used this one for my apple today, loom at the beautiful fall napkins perfect.

Many people would use the bags here for make-up, I am going to use them as thread bags for my projects.

This is a beautiful piece of fabric I am a sucker for fabric, the Aida will be used for a design I have in mind, I have it in my to do basket.

Another project bag my small Q-Snaps fits perfect in this bag, look at the great booklet for keeping  notes and dates.

I have never used one of these before, however I will, Mike and I take a 20 minute nap everyday, this will be perfect.

 Do I really need to explain this, I love candy and candy loves me, I am chewing a Werther's as I type this post, yum.

Now this bag will be perfect when we take a road trip next year to Canada, I have Canada on my bucket list.

Lynda Ruth crocheted or knitted this lovely piece, it is perfect for my counter, I have my spoon jar resting on it, the large jar is the color of the brown in this piece, I love it.

I see that this butterfly booklet can be used for beading patterns which I will get to hopefully soon.

I did have a finish  finish, it is a design from Lynn over at I enjoyed doing this design, I hope you like the finish simple but perfect for me. We do not celebrate Halloween, however I do love this design, it is the only Halloween item in our home. I just love the Black Cats Lynn does.

I do have more to tell you about but will wait for the next post, thank-you for visiting.


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

So Sorry I have not sent out email thank-you's

Greetings my loyal followers, I will send out thank-you's this evening, I have been very busy trying to get things done outdoors and in.
I will post photos of what I have been up to this evening, I have been busy.

Hugs yo you all