Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am embarassed

Yesterday I was in a coffee shop and as tired as antony could be and just when I think things are going well I mess up,
I visited a wonderful blog site and left a mesage for someone else this is what happens when you donot get enough sleep, a lesson I have learned by my embarassement, to the Lovely Lady I sent the message to please forgive me.
I hope this day finds you all in good health and with good weather.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trouble posting

I am having trouble with my camara so please excuse the mess, I want to show you the wonderful package Connie sent me, I was only able to get a couple of pictures maybe I will get a new camara.
Some of these booklets and patterns I have never seen before, I am having so much fun going through them everytime I look through them I find another pattern I want to do in the future.
Connie also sent along some other yummy things the best item in the whole box is the book she has had published, this is a great read with lots of adorable stories and poams. I tried to post a picture of the other things but was unable to.
The Book she had published is called Mystic Imaginations, I love this book Thank-you Connie.

This is a pattern I have picked up and put down so many times I cannot even keep count, this is a Ursula Michael pattern from the Stitchers World September 2004, I am trying to get this done for the Up For A Challenge 15, I have so many things in my work in progress pile I hope to get them done before the end of the year.
This is really a pretty pattern the picture does not show that so sorry.

Thsi is a gift certificate from my most wonderful husband for our thirty fifth anniversary on June 11, ( I think there is a special place for him in heaven being married to me) he is so good to me I am very blessed to have him as my Husband and very Best Friend. A gift certificate from Stitchville is my favorite Stitch Shop in the world.

Well I am having trouble again with posting so I am going to signoff and do a little stitching.

Blessings to you all