Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ishw Weekend

I did get lots of stitching done, I cannot show you pictures because the battery in my camara is pooped out, so I will share the pics next blog.
I still have pictures from august Guild Retreat.
First up is the beautiful thread keeper from LaRue, she made these right in front of us all, she used some kind of epoxy that had no fumes, they are adorable, I was kind of jealous she had these and never dreamed I was going to get one, I love it LaRue.

Next up is the little box with a needle from Carol my roommate, she is from N.D. I did not expect to get such lovely gifts, thank-you Carol I love them both.

I had a wedding in the middle of my ISHW my Husbands Niece got married, she was a stunning bride, she was such a tomboy growing up and now a beautiful woman.

I did make it to Mass on saturday evening in the middle of the wedding only because visiting Aunts and Uncles wanted to go, otherwise we would have went  on sunday.
I also took a bracelet class on saturday morning, now I am not the best beader but this bracelet was my favorite of all the things I have beaded.

I love this bracelet I just need to add the fringe which will be done maybe next week.

I also wanted to show you the pattern and threads I won at Guild Retreat, I know I know I am jumping around alot but I am after all an airhead.
Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons, I would never have bought this but now that I have it I am in love with it, I plan on starting this next week.

Next I have to show you what came in the mail yesterday, from Conny from Holland, this is an exchange from the Blackbird Designs Exchange site, I love this adorable pillow, Conny did such a beautiful job her stitching is beautiful, I am a nut for trim and she did a beautiful job with this.
Thank-you Conny I love it, it will go on my shelf in my living room.

This coming thursday I am off on a week-end retreat in Wisconsin at the Ranch, I was there in march and loved it.
I have made a little something for the owner she is adorable and this reminds me of her, tell me what you think of this Tilda Angel.

I am off to the hottub for a half hour and then I need to watch the new show The Goldbergs.
Blessings to you all.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Lovely Day

I have today off, it has been a very busy day, up early, makr the bed shower put my mask on so I donot scare people when I am out to lunch or shopping.
I took my wonderful Mother to Appleebee's for lunch, over to Cub Foods to get grocery's, then sent her home to rest, you see she is ill and I try to spend as much time with her as possible, she has COPD all because of smoking fopr 50 some years, now she is paying the price, for so many years she said she felt fine and now three years ago she ends up in the ER and on  02  24 hours a day, I worry about her everyday her diet is horrendous, I cannot tell her not to eat these things like cupcakes and donuts because I know her days are numbered, I can hear the volume of fluid in her lungs even over the phone so sad to sit and watch a Family member slowely die, I have lost two younger Brothers and a Father because if smoking, my Brothers had lung cancer and my Father died from complications from smoking he too was on 02.
I beg of you if you smoke please stop as soon as possible, it is so hard being a nonsmoker and watching a Family member suffer health wise and to be the only one with no health problems.
I am glad I never even tried  to smoke or do drugs, almost 63 and not on any medications, I am sure my day will come but so far I am in good health except for my over weight, but the doctors are not worried about that.
Now on to better and more fun things, I have been stitching my fingers almost off, I have made a felt penny rug, this is a pattern from a magazine I found in my library of stitching and craft magazines about two years ago, I cut it all out but never stitched any of it together, I modified it a bit as you see in the picture, I didnot put all the points around the edges, I thought it looked a little overwhelming, I also put only on tooth on the cats mouth to make it look like they were scared.

So what do you think I love this table runner.

This is a picture of the sunset over Buffalo Lake in Buffalo Minnesota in august, I was at the Needlework Guild Retrteat the first week of august, it was a blastI have posted other pictures from retreat but not all of them.

I have to tell you a great story about the kitty's you see in this picture, I had the most wonderful table mates, Carol, LaRue and Sue, we had so much fun, there was a destash table in the entry of the retreat center, Sue found some things she had fun with all week long, no one at our table knew  (except Sue) what was happening with the cats you see,  Sue somehow put a cat on the table each morning, Sue asked everyone who was doing this, noone knew, on saturday someone made a litter box little bowls of food and water and of course a mouse with a sleeping mat for the kitties, we had such a laugh about this, I am so thankful i was able to sit with these wonderful Ladies.
Don't you just love the kitties.
 Well I need to go now I will post more pictures of the retreat soon, and show you the wonderful thread keep LaRue made for me she was generous with her creations and gave out many of these lovely thread keepers.
I am leavving for a Senior dinner for thr Seniors from our Church.
Have a great stitching week-end.