Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween to all and a Happy  All Saints Day.
I found a few  pictures on Pinterest I just love, I hope you enjoy them also.


                                                 I think this is me in ten years

One of my favorite pictures

                                                                                  Oh My be careful barber

                                                        I Love this little bag

 He is a riot to look at.
                                                              What a hoot he is.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Two great things: Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe and Theresa Shakespere Peddler

I am so happy Theresa is coming back to design and sell wares again, Theresa has an  Etsy Shop called Letters Great and small, she is resigning her post at the shelter, welcome back Theresa. is having a beautiful givaway please stop over, you can also find Nancy on Ebay.
I will post about my great retreat in my next post I had a ball.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another wonderful givaway

Please remember to stop over at  Nancy is having a great giveaway again, so please stop over.
Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My ISHW week-end

 I did manage to get some stitching done I also worked on my candy box I lined the inside with skeleton fabric from Joann Fabrics, I used the ricrack from Victorian Motto Samlper Shoppe, I love this trim, The Prairie Schooler pattern I finished in august. I found the box at a second hand store it was a wood jewelry box.

This is the Shepherds Bush Forget Me Not I finished stitching this earlier  but did not have the right frame, I did not want to use a mat, I found the frame at a second hand store, I realize I need to take it apart becaues there is now a wrinkle I need to take care of darn.

I put the finishing touches on this last week, this is a gift for someone special, I  have painted the frame and need to find the right mat before I can finish this and send it off. ( Sorry about the wrinkles)

I do have one more finish but my camara battery pooped out so I will post a picture matbe tomorriw or thursday.
Happy stitching and blessings

Friday, October 18, 2013

Just a few things

Good day to all my followers and welcome to my new followers, I am happy you are here.
I have afew pictures to show some stitching some not, I am a stitchers at heart but do lots of beading.
I took a class last month and did a bracelet from Becky at Becka Beads, she does ship if you need something.
Thgis is a pattern from Adele M. Kimpell @ Bead Dreamers here in minnesota, Adele granted Becky the right to teach a class, I love this bracelet, I never thought I would do anything in gray, it looks so pretty on my black blouse on the cuff.

Up Next is the Touch Me bracelet this is also a bracelet class from Adele M. Kimpell from Bead Dreamers  in minnesota, I love this bracelet I was the only one in the class that did two colors, I am daring I guess, it is so soft and fun to touch hence the name, it is an easy stitch, I plan on making some for christmas.


I have shown you the front and back because you do a peyote stitch first and then add the black and white beads, I love this bracelet it is by far my favorite.


This is Blondie looking at my StitchersVillage page for some reason she likes the black bird I tried to get a picture of her touching the screen but everytime I opened the lens she turned to look at me and dropped her paw. She is my little helper, if you donot belong to Stitchers Village please pop over I have a button on the side bar of my page, they play bingo twice a month and have other fun things to do.

Okay I tried to rotate this picture but have no luck so sorry you have to turn you head, this is a Chessie ans Me I started this some time ago, this is one of my up for a fifteen challenge I should post on that site.  28 count fabirc unknown  type, threads a mix of DMC Weeks and Sampler threads.

I love this little frame and it fits the stitching very well, I stitched this last april but did not have a frame I liked so I went  looked at the second hand stores until I found one I like, I think the star button looks good it looked so plain without matting so I thought the star would add a little to the space.
I love the Homespun Elegance patterns they have a bit of whimsey and charm.
I stitched this on 28 count something or other fabric I am not sure I use lots of my rements for stitching smalls.
The threads are all the threads called for, they are the some Weeks and some Samplers I love doing the Delivering series, they are adorable.

This is what we came home to one day a little while ago, Blondie must have been very upset with us, before we leave in the morning we give her three little morsels of treats to make sure we have not locked her in a closet or out the door, and with my Husband being in law enforcement, he thought it was funny to show this to me, I get a kick out of him he can be so silly sometimes, this was one of them. She thinks toilet paper is the thing to take her aggressions out on.
This week-end is IHSW and I plan on getting lots of stitching done, donot forget Stitchersvillage is having bingo on the 22 of oct. you must be a member to play I have won three things from the bingo nights.
Happy Stitching


Thursday, October 10, 2013

So Sad today

Cathy from Pumpkin Patch and Co. passed on to our Lord today, how sad it is to have lost such a beautiful soul.
I am praying for her Family and hope the transition is easy.
I sit here with tears in my eyes because she was so young and fought such a battle, sometimes Our Lord needs to take his Children home early.
She is now in no pain and I am sure she is enjoying her life hereafter.
Blessings to Cathy's Family.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Great Retreat and lots to show

Good day to all my followers the ones that comment and the ones that just follow, I thank-you with all my heart.
I was on a wonderful retreat at the Belisle Ranch in Wisconsin from 9/24 to 9/27, the Ladies I was with were such a great group, I had the pleasure of meeting some new faces and what a joy they were, my tablemates were Mary from Minn. and Cathy from Iowa.
We had lots of giggles and great food.
Cathy and I spent an  hour and a half in the indoor pool and fifteen minnutes in the hottub, then a shower and dinner that was sooooo good and cooked from scratch.
The owner her son and daughter-in-law are wonderful host and hostesses, I also had an hour long massage oboy oboy oboy it was totally awsome, Jeff does a wonderful job giving a message, I slept like a baby.
They have horses and cattle and a house cat that is such a lady she loves to be around and help with all our stitching.
I have to give a thank-you to Gloria for arranging this wonderful week-end.
Hello to Julie who  I have not seen for almost two years, I sure miss her.
I also want to give a shout out to Jan wow what a ball of fire, she is a hoot I could spend another week-end with her she had me in stitches.

now onto some of the things I have been doing, first is a very small penny rug, I started this the retreat week-end and finished that same week-end. I love this little guy.

Next is another stitch I finished at retreat this is a Chessie and me  The Gift Is Small, I love this pattern I just wanted to put it on a wooden box to carry some of my stitching tools, however I covered up a little of the frame around the edges of the fabric. I stained and finished the tool box myself.


Up next is a small  stitch from Cherry  Hill Stitchery, I did this on 32 count (I am not sure of the Fabric) just something from my stash, one over one, I wanted a small wol scissor fob and this will do the job.


This is something I started on my ISHW week-end and finished I love this owl I will finish it maybe this week-end into a needlebook this is from The Cats Whiskers What A hoot is the pattern.
I am not sure of the fabric this is another piece of fabric I found in my stash however it is 28 count.

I have started a new Chessie and me  The Hallow-Wee House, I hope to have it  finished this week-end.
This was kit I bought at Stitchville USA my fav stitch shop.

I plan on starting a few Homespun Elegance ornaments this week-end wish me luck.
I have been busy with alterations and some bead work which I will show next post, I have a bracelet class this saturday and a Church Festival to go to on sunday with GG my Mother, another chicken dinner and bingo oh yah.
Have a pleasant fall week.