Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

Today was a relaxing day after Mass we came home and took a nap, you see we were at Mikes sisters for a while yesterday, it was a blast.
My younger brother who passed away in 2000, his wife stayed in the family with her son and grandchildren, she was home alone for the Christmas evening and Michaels sister invited her to come along, I think at first she was reluctant but came and had a blast, she is looking forward to going again next year. Santa came and of course we had to sit on his lap, every year we get to tell Santa something we would like to change about our spouse or child, mine for Mike was leave my dish's alone it is my kitchen, I like it better when I clean the kitchen.
I have to show you a photo of a lone corn stalk in a field at the entrance to our housing area, it started with someone putting a bow on the stalk then someone put solar lights, then someone else put a wrapped box, what a hoot.

I played with my embroidery machine last week, I love this machine, I will need to practice some more, I want to make place mats for my table.

I was asked by Father Andrew if I could make a small bag to hold his Baptismal Shell, that is a shell he uses to pour the Baptismal Holy Water over the forehead  of the baby being Baptized, I think I did okay he really like it.
It is a velvet material, it was hard getting the thing to cooperate with me, I did get it done as you can see.

I think this is what I looked like after partying last evening, lots of goodies. Photo found on Pinterest.

My fingers are itching to do some cross stitch, I am off to my favorite chair. I hope you all are having a beautiful Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas


marly said...

Nice bag. Did you quilt the velvet? That could not have been easy! I tried once. Velvet is too expensive to burn so I resisted trying again. Glad you had such a nice Christmas.

gracie said...

I think you did a superb job with that velvet bag. I sewed only a few times on velvet and it can be tricky. Sounds like a lovely Christmas celebration.

butterfly said...

Love the bag , looks great.
You sound like you had a fab Christmas .

Marilyn said...

That Cornstalk is too funny!
Great job on the bag.
Have fun stitching!

Sandy said...

You did great on the baptismal bag. I can appreciate it as making mine work is very hard. I am trying to decide if maybe it is not truly operator error, but that maybe I need to take my machine in for servicing. It jams up too much for me to do anything for others.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Mary said...

Catherine, I'm glad you had a nice relaxing Christmas. The decorated corn stalk is a hoot!! Your bag for Father Andrew came out lovely and I"m sure he appreciated it very much.

Julie said...

You did a great job with the bag, I bet he was very impressed with it.
Love the corn stalk, that made me smile.

Faith... said...

I think we ALL looked like that after indulging in holiday treats! Love the bag you made and I am sure he is pleased with it.

Looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas Cornstalk; very cute!