Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Stash A Round Robin and a ISHW week-end starts this friday

Happy Spring to you al welcome to all my followers, I have not posted sinch april, it has been a very busy month with a passing of a relative and loads of work, I will need this stitching week-end really bad, I put in an extra 40 hours in this pay period and still have tomorrow and friday whew.

I Have joined a Round Robin this is my first, I do wish I could show you what I am stitching for my partner, that will just have to wait until she recieves it, I am excited about this I have never done this before and am enjoying it so far.

I bought some stash from The Silver Needle in Tulsa, Ok., they have a stash reduction sale going on and I bought the $7.50  before postage it is worth it,  I am so glad I did this I did recieve some things I really like,  pop on over to their site, to see what the prices are, I did not know what was coming but am so glad with my purchase.

I am not a red hat lady but do like the pattern with the beads and humming bird ornament.
The bone lacy round came broken on the Marie Suarez kit, I can fix that with a little jewelry glue, the Sweetheart pattern is so pretty I think this will go to my niece to stitch.

I plan on using the pocket for a gift I need to start stitching this soon for a gift to be given in june, this kit comes with everything you need including a needle.
 The  Pine Mountain Best Witches kit is adorable, I need a new item to stitch for halloween and this is it.

 Three of the  patterns above are going to a stash sale in october at retreat.
Fancy That  Long May She Wave I will stitch for my Patriotic corner on my landing.

I like all these patterns, The Mill Hill booklet I will keep I love that bunny stand-up, I am going to stitch up the Sunflower Seed halloween pattern into ornaments for my halloween tree.
The other patterns will also go to the stash reduction sale.

 I was in the grocery store one day last week and found these two books, wow they have great patterns for quilting and cross stitch felt rugs and loads of fun stuff, I need to subscribe to this magazine.

I did manage to use one of my gift certificate from my wonderful Husband, they are for my favorite stitch shop Stitchville USA here in Minnesota, sooo I wanted that oh so cute Owl from Just Nan and the Christmas Mouse, I love these little ornaments they are so sweet, when am I going to have enough time to stitch all these things? I need another 50+ years just to use up the stash I have, I am not the only one in this world that has this problem I am sure, I like to read about the stitchers like me.

 I am so glad the snow is gone (I hope until next winter) cross my fingers, I was on the road in the last storm it was horrible and so slippery, a person needs to be very hardy to live in Minnesota and put up with the crappy winter driving conditions.

I hear dinner calling baked chicken and a hardy salad sounds good, happy stitching to you  all and many blessings.