Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wow I have been lost for a while

Greetings to all: Thank-you for your lovely comments to my Easter Post.
I have done little stitching of late, I have been busy working and helping my Mother get ready for a move to a new home.
Now understand my Mother is 84 years young and has a mind as bright as a 16 year old, sometimes that it is very interesting to be with her, she is not afraid to say what is on het mind that is not a bad thing sometimes.
She has just bought her first home, just think her first home wow,  I am so proud of her, so it has been a challenge to get over to help her get packed and ready for a garage sale.
Mother is moving closer to me, she will live only 6 miles instead of the 27 miles now.

Retirement: I have been informed by my wonderful Husband that I will be retiring in October the last friday to be exact of October, I am looking forward to this date. YIPPEE.

Next week is Retreat week-end, I leave for the Conference center in Chaska on Thursday, the Oakridge Conference Center is  so nice, I am really looking forward to this event, Ellen Chester from
With My Needle is teaching the Kindred Spirits Class, this is a Shaker Carrier with a pipkin, scissors holder, pin cube and needleroll with the option of a ruler holder, I am really excited about this class.

I did work on my Jeannette Douglas Biscornu pattern, this one I did on a green fabric I have had for just about forever, I like the color combination, I did not use the colors called for I like to be different.

I was on my way home on Friday from Minneapolis, I could not believe my eyes here is a tom turkey trying to woo two females, he was in full bloom, I could not get a good frontal picture, so I asked him to turn for me and he did oh my goodness, it was amazing I was only about 20 feet from him.

This is a visitor to our corn feeder for the deer, this little one seems to rule the corn bed, he has the blackbirds pacing until he is done, he will not even let another squirrel around.

It is spring finally yippee, I plan on sitting on my front porch drinking a latte and stitching.

Blessings to all


Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is Risen

Happy Blessed Easter to all

Michael & Catherine

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Some stitching news

Spring greetings to all:
Welcome to my new followers.
I finished  my Jeannette Douglas Biscornu, it is so sweet, I chose my own colors, I think they work well, what do you think?
I need to do two more for the stack.

Next is my finish of the Shepherds Fold part three Pincushion, I am so happy this is done, it is so sweet, I love beads and button work so this one was for me. I need to do A Full Heart part one and the scissor fob part 2.

I will be starting the part one on Saturday afternoon.

I also finished the Shepherds Bush Needlebook, this is a piece I am not sure of, the wool fabric that came in the kit seems to be way to thick, but I do like it.

I am in love with the Scattered  Seed Sampler A Token OF Spring, Tammy Black is the designer, I joined the club she is offering, you can stop over at her blog and check it out, Tammy is designing  another series of Bunnies.

This is the little girl just relaxing on the sofa table, I know it is not up against the sofa, here she is.

She was in the bedroom looking at something and lop and behold another Asian beetle ick.

Here she is trying to get a leaf that was going back and forth in front of the patio door, it was so much fun watching her, she talked pretty to it then she growled at it then purred at it, I think she was trying to sweet talk it into the house.

Mike is healing so fast, I am so happy for him, he needs to be off work two more weeks, ouch, he like to work, so this is hard for him, he has read 10 books in less then two weeks.
He is not one for t.v. however I am.

Now I am off to stitch, I have itchy fingers so need to put them to work.

Happy Easter