Friday, February 27, 2015

Ishw Update sorry it is late

I did manage to get a little stitching done, I started and finished my Shepherds Bush Spooky Stitches bag I love it, it is an easy stitching project, I have one other bag from Shepherds Bush and plan on doing them all.

Next I started my Jeannette Douglas Spring Biscornu Stackers, I am doing them in three different fabric threads and fabric colors.
I love the look of the stackers.

I did also get two bracelets done, Becky at Becka Beads in Maple Lake Minnesota the blue bracelet is for me,  I also  started  a green bracelet for my Irish friend Kathleen, I hope to have it finished this weekend.

The next bracelet was rather easy, I want to make few for myself in spring colors.

So sorry about the horrible pictures my Nikon  is not working well, maybe it is time to get a new one, you never know.

I am so sorry all the snow is going east, we have only a dusting on the ground, we need snow or rain in the spring for the farmers.

Happy stitching to you all.



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some stitching, beading and the upcoming ISHW week-end

Welcome to my  followers old and new I Plan on doing lots of stitching this week-end it is the ISHW week-end, sponsored by pop on over and visit her lovely blog and maybe sign up for the ISHW it is free.
You can see what other bloggers are doing and will have done this week-end.

Now for some stitching news: I am doing the Shepherd's Bush Fold, I love this series it is so sweet, I  finished with the needle book, now I need to put it together. I am enjoying this series.

                                                                     A Full Heart

                                                                My Home Scissor Fob

                                                        Cherish Life  Needle Book
I am on a Shepherds Bush kick this winter, I am also going to stitch the Spooky Stitches bag it is so sweet.

                                                           Spooky Stitches Bag
This is the 2013 Scissor Fob which was a gift to me.
Now as you can see I have loads of Shepherds Bush stitching to do.
I did manage to get another bracelet finished last week-end, I was at Becka Beads for beading last week-end, this is a simple and easy bracelet, I love the colors I picked.

I am going to do one on green for my friend Kathleen the Irish girl and a pink one for me for easter.

Now my message to the Mayor of Boston, how can you stop the people from jumping from their windows, they should know what hazards are on their property, this is like telling them to stop sledding you may run into a tree or something else, I say let them have their fun, but that's just me.

Please stay warm in this cold weather and stitch stitch stitch.

Blessings on this Ash Wednesday
I gave up chocolate, pepsi and sweet rolls for Lent ouch.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I had the Pleasure of meeting a wonderful Lady

Greetings to all my followers and new followers welcome: I have some exciting news, I have had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful and beautiful Lady this past friday evening.
She is one of my followers and I am one of hers.
I had mentioned to her that if she ever was in Minnesota to please let me know and maybe we could meet.
Lucky for me that day was friday last, I picked up Chris at her hotel and we went to dinner at the Star Of India in St. Cloud Minnesota, I only live about 20 miles from St. Cloud.
This is one amazing Lady, very intelligent and very charming.
We hit it off immediatly,  we talked about family, stitching and many other subjects, we agrre on everything, the thing I find so amazing for me is it was like we had been life long friends, how cool is that.
Our husbands are almost exackly alike in that they read the same kind of books, like to hike for Chris's husband and my Mike like to run, they both like to hike, Chris does also as do I.
Chris's husband is in the same lione of work that Mike and I used to be in, however Mike and I changed proffessions midlife.
I must tell you I already miss Chris, she is so charming and very pretty, Chris has a grand personalty that is oh so lovely, very gracious and  just a wonderful lady.
I was a little nervous about meeting her at first when I arrived at her hotel to pick her up, I have met one other lady who is an avid beader who really put the scare in me, so meeting Chris was a very
 pleasent surprise.
We had a beautiful dinner, Chris had a great dish that had spinach and veggies, I had a chicken dish that I fell in love with, we shared a combo appitizer plate with loads of goodies on it.
Chris also shared her yummy dessert with me, thank-you Chris.

Chris brought me a birthday gift and what a gift it is she gave me two bars of wonderful chocolate:
Mosher Roth Mint and Mosher Roth Toffee Crunch, I did try the toffee crunch tonight, I held off for as long as possible the temptations gave in wow this chocolate is wonderful, thank-you Chris.
She also gave me a gift certifacate to Stitchville USA from here in Minnesota along with a punch card, I almost started to cry, what a lovely and generous lady she is.
I hope to see Chris againg someday, her blog is Tot Hill Farm Stitches, I love the name if you are not a follower please start following her is a wonderful Lady.
Thank-you Chris for a wonderful time.

I have tried to upload pictures, I will try again tomorrow on my lunch break.
Thank-you for understanding. Blogger will not let me upload for some reason.

I should go now I need to get up at 03:30 so need to get my briefcase and other things together.
Happy Stitching


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I was away

Greetings to all: I was on a two week vacation to Cancun Mexico, came home last week=end, had a wonderful time and have the best tan I have ever had.
I did do some stitching, loads of reading and lots of relaxation.
We donot take our phones or any electronic devices with, this is after all a vacation from everyday life, we did take our camaras, I have many pictures to show, but today will show only a few.
So here goes.


He was a hoot, he sat by me for a very long long time, no one else had the pleasure of his company, I felt very lucky to get these pictures.

This is a great picture of my wonderful husband, he is my life and heart, thank-you Michael for a great two weeks.

We stayed at the Live Aqua  again, we stayed there last june for five days, it is a beautiful resort.
Great food and wonderful relaxation.

WE had a special meal made for us, the waiter we had for breakfast every morning had arranged for us to be served a special meal no other table was served that evening, we had a seafood salad, salmon,  crepes and a special wine that was out of this world, the rest of the meal was fantastic.
We plan on going back maybe in may or june, if Michaels surgery on his rotator cuff goes well in march.
I am on the road today and hope to get home early tonight to do some stitching.
I will post again on Friday some pictures of my stitching and more vacation pictures.