Monday, July 29, 2019

I am Back Finally

Hello to all my followers: I am so sorry I have not emailed thank-you's for the comments left on my last two posts, it has been crazy nuts here, we are trying to get so much done before the cold weather hitsus.
We had a Family reunion with Mikes cousins which was a blast, we are connecting with people we have missed over the years.
I was at a retreat in Madison Wisconsin, I had a table mate which I hope to continue to connect with a gain, she is from Colorado, originally from Minnesota, she was a lovely stitcher and a blast to talk too, she did such beautiful stitching.
I was able to finish stitching a needlebook but need to construct it, it is a Betsy Morgan (Wiling Hands) Design.

This is the same fabric as the needlebook, the lighting yesterday was horrible, so the yellow fabric looks brown, this is the box which has six sections, I am now working on section three.
 Betsy was a delight and so much fun, she told us she is going to retire to stay home and stitch, I think she deserves to do so after all her traveling and teaching, she travels across the sea and teach's, what an amazing lady she is.

This is the pre-stitch I did  before going to Madison, I still need to construct it, it is the Waxer Box, it is adorable when finished, I hope to get to it soon.

This is the complete set, which I hope to work on soon, it is really pretty in person. it is called this One's For Betty, which has a beautiful story attached to it, I would tell you but Betsy still has classes of this design and I do not want to say anything because Betsy talks about it in her class's.

I want to show you what the beautiful Pamela from japan sent me, a scissor fob it is beautiful, her work is perfect, even Betsy commented about how lovely it was. stop over she has been doing a temperature quilt, it is an amazing color combination.

Well its has been busy, we finally finished the railing and floor on the deck, we are enjoying it so much.
We will be doing some landscaping and planting a new tree.

I will be at retreat all next week Monday to Sunday, it is the Minnesota Needlework Guild retreat, I save up all year to go, I am a day stitcher which saves me money, I live only 14 miles from the retreat center, this gives one more person a chance to stay at the center, a room I do not need, I do not mind traveling back and forth, I still get two meals a day but save money this way.
I won two blue and one red ribbon at the County Fair, I will post photos on my next post after I pick up my items from the Fair.
Time to go shopping you al, stay safe and have a great week.


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Please Stop By Samplers and Santas

hello everyone, just a super fast drive by post.
Please stop byMarly’s blog http://samplersandsantas.blogspot.comMarley has a new freebie, please click on her freebie page at the top she has some lovely designs to b3 had.
I am at retreat will post on Sunday evening of my wonderful week.


Monday, July 8, 2019

It Has Been A While

Thank-you for all your comments in my previous posts, I really am thankful for them.
I have had a busy month, many graduations, 90th birthday party, 50 wedding anniversary party, our 42 wedding anniversary, painting the bedroom which was a chore, working on the railing and floor of the deck in back which is 52 feet long with extensions. a car accident, (I was driving) a deer decided to land on my car,  and of course I did  some stitching.

I was able to almost finish completely constructing my Jeannette Douglas project from last year, I just need to add the ribbons on the needleroll and finish stitching up the ends.

                                                                Pin Pillow

Scissor Pocket which I love, however I did not like working with the silk duponi.

                                                                   Six Sided Cube

                                                                   Scissor Fob


                                                                      Needle Book

                                                                The Box Top

I finished stitching the Scattered Seed Drum, I forgot to take a photo of it before starting construction, so sorry.

 So sorry about the crappy photos, I need to press this before  finishing, I have a sleeve for ironing, its an antique but works for ironing anything that is round and you do not want a crease.

I am going to a Betsy Morgan class in Wisconsin this week, I am going to leave a little early so I may check out Lynn's Shop in Madison and spend a little or lot of money.
I have some pre-stitching to do, I am not sure I like the black stitch's for framing, I may just change it to a lighter color, it is just to much for me.

I will be taking two classes, I am really excited about this, I love Betsy's designs.

I am looking forward to seeing some of the other stitcher's  that I have stitched at other retreats.
If you ever get a chance please do a retreat it is so much fun meeting people from other states and I have met a few from other countries.

Well its time to stitch some and then off to bed, I worked at the Food Shelf today cleaned out their freezer in the front of the store sorted donations and put on shelves, it is busy on Monday mornings, we open in the evening on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday mornings, I truly enjoy volunteering there.
I hope the storms stay away from the south east coast and the fires in Arizona do not hurt anyone.

To you all