Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cannot access my Blogger account until today

What the heck is going on, I have tried to comment on some blogs and not able to I could not get into my own account, had to create a new password, what the heck is happening, does Blogger or google want us all to go away???????????

It has been a trying time around here, my father in law was diagnosed with lung cancer, my dear friend from Church is dying from a very rare form of cancer, a few more friends here on blogger are ill, I am sad this is happening.

I want to show you what I won from Stitching Friends Forever, on their Blogaversary I won a wonderful package, I am so excited.

I love ribbon, this will be used for the ornament I will be stitching soon.

Mary and RJ picked the loviest fabric for this design.

Look at the backing material they sent, RJ and Mary have wonderful taste and know how to coordinate colors and fabrics.

Oh my red fabric, I am in love, this is such a pretty color red, it does not look at beautiful here as it does in person.

I am in love with this stitching design, Homespun has such sweet designs, this will be my next design I stitch after finishing what I am stitching now.

Look at this beautiful handmade card I am sure you all know Mary is very talented at card making, I am not sure if RJ makes cards or not, I hope she does.

Now you all know I am a lover of lace, just look atr how lovely they are, lots of plans for them floating around in my head.

Buttons are one of my favorite accessories to have around, I plan on making a button bracelet and will be using some of these little lovelies.

Thank-you RJ and Mary you both are so sweet.

I had a class a couple of weeks ago, the class teacher was Jackie Du Plessis Its finally Finished designs, I am so in love with this design, Saturday Morning, there was also a companion piece, The Traveler, I will be working on them after I finish my class project from Jeannette Douglas and then after the design from RJ and Mary.

I love both of these pieces, I think I am done with class retreats till next spring, its expensive and I need to use my money for other things at this time, I save all year but still its expensive to go, some of my friends do a lot of classes, I am a lot more conservative with my money.
I am not knocking them I am kind of envious.

I have been stitching, not a lot but some, with summer here there is always some kind of work to be done, we are expanding our front porch, redoing the flooring on the 52 foot deck and extensions on the back of the house, along with yard work and other things, I have not done much beading or stitching.

Here is the progress on Jeannette Douglas Class project:

I uploaded both, today it is storming, the lighting is not good, so sorry, this is the needle roll, I love all the different stitch's.

Well its time for a walk with the dog, I somehow have gout I usually get it every three or four years not sure why, walking helps a lot, so off we go in between storms.

I hope your summer is a good one to you.


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Happy Spring

Greetings everyone: spring has finally sprung, as I sit here with my office window open, I can hear the gentle rain falling a train horn and birds singing, something I have missed this past winter.
We have been busy working on the house, I did get my spring cleaning done along with a garage sale with my dear friend Cheryl, we had a blast, it was two days long with lots of people shopping.
I met a lady who was shopping she was from a town two small towns away, she told us about trying to raise money for a new library,  in the small town of Kimball,  Mn. they are having a breakfast to raise some money one of many things they will be doing, they are having a silent auction, I am making twelve different colored beaded ornaments for the auction.
This is what I have done so  far last evening and today.

I have been stitching a little and want to get more done, this is from my Class project from Jeannette Douglas last month, not much progress. This is the Needleroll.

I hope to finish this whole set before May is over, good luck to me.

I bought flowers and hope to get them in pots by tomorrow evening, its raining now, looks like a little break for tomorrow, maybe then.
I wish you all a great spring and hope you are getting things done inside and out with your stitching.