Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Stitch And A Complete Finish

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate, it has been unusually warm here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, I half expected to see loads of snow on the ground by now, no way Jose, after Mass on Saturday I noticed the grass is growing and Mike already wintertized the lawn mower, oh well its still green and makes me happy.

I did stitch the Adam and Eve Design last weekend and constructed it on Tuesday. I like Tammy Blacks Designs, they are so primitive looking, they come with all the things in the kit to finish except the stuffing.

I started this on Saturday evening finished the stitching on Sunday. So sorry about the wrinkles.

There was wool for making an apple in the kit, at first I did not want to make the apple but gave in I think it is adorable, so happy I did finish it.

I stuffed the top with a little stuffing and the rest with crushed walnut shells, I needed that weight for the drum to stand up, it was a stinker getting the top and bottom circles to fit just right.

I plan on starting on another project from it is Hearts Content Armchair Pinpoke, I really like this design, I seem to poke my needles in the arm of my chair every once in a while and want to stop doing that, I do use magnetic needle minders but seem to forget they are there sometimes.

I will be constructing the  Sweet Gatherings Pinkeep and Heart Needlekeep tonight after we get home from Church.

We have to set up for the Christ Child Luncheon today, tomorrow is the luncheon, we serve over 200 people, the money goes to programs that are needed, I run the Sweet Shop, I have been doing this for 13 years now, we usually raise above 1300.00 dollars from the selling of cookies cakes pies canned goods and many other yummy donated baked goods.
I will post photos of the dining room they decorate for the Christmas Season for one day then everything comes down and goes upstairs into the main body of the Church for the Christmas Season.
Mike will be setting up the Nativity Scene outside the Church, we donated the figurines and the building about five years ago.

Well its time to do some stitching my dear friends.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the Christmas Season
Blessings To All


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving And Some Stitching Updates

First of All Happy Blessed thanksgiving, it is a beautiful time of the year to give thanks, it is fall here in Minnesota, cold today a balmy 23 degrees, but I am still thankful for the spring we had, the summer and of course the upcoming Holidays.
I feel Blessed to be alive and healthy, I am finally over my pneumonia, I am positively getting the pneumonia shot next week.
We are taking our Families out to Thanksgiving Buffett, its not that we do not want to have them over but all the yelling during the football games and the prep and clean=up has gotten to me, so my wonderful Husband foots the bill, actually its a lot cheaper to take them all out then to buy two turkeys, all the fixin's and of course the dessert.
Yesterday one of the Catholic Church's in our area had a pie auction, I made two Snickers pies and one Milky Way Dark Chocolate pie, they were judged I am not sure where my standing is but hope I did well, we went to dinner to Mikes sisters place of work, I had chili and fries, Mike had hamburger steak.

Anyhoo here is what I did on my ISHW I received this little sweet pattern from the beautiful Frances over at I made a few changes, one I used a little darker threads and fabric, I also wanted to make it a smaller ornament to hang on the tree, I did the ornaments on the tree in a French knot instead of buttons,  I am hanging the tree on the bottom of the fabric instead of at the end of the wording, I will show a photo of the put together ornament to you very soon.

Next is the Scattered Seeds Sampler Sweet Gatherings Pinkeep and Heart Needlekeep Wrist Companion, this is from a kit series sent out four times a year, I am in love with this design, I have a hutch with nothing but Scattered Seed Samplers designs, I like Tammy's designs they are just the perfect primitive style for me, I will need to take a photo of the hutch soon.

I had started working on the Cookies but had to rip out the little house and the S due to I pulled out the wrong size fabric from my fabric closet, so here it is sadly.
I will return to it after I cool down a little.

I have been looking for a DMC Thread Color Card, you can only buy the ones with the paper printed colors of threads in the USA, I went to the DMC online, they also have the Golden Skein Box's on sale this week for only $39.99  regularly $115.00 Mike bought me back in September 2016, it is a beauty.

This is my next project, as you can see I am doing another Scattered Seed Sampler, I love anything Adam and Eve, I have never done a project with Adam and Eve, I have admired all the Blog Stitcher's that have done Adam and Eve projects, I will start this tonight, I have no prep for tomorrow so its a good night to relax.

I am asking you who believe in Prayer to please include all who are ill in your daily Prayers or just anytime Prayers please.

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Thanksgiving Day



Sunday, November 12, 2017

New Blog Design

Found this fabulous photo on Pinterest, please feel free to copy from my Blog this snowy photo.
I will post my progress on my Cookies tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My Finish

I have been busy doing some mending cleaning and lots of not so fun stuff, we have been getting things ready for three new patio doors and a couple of windows for the front of the house, Anderson Windows are the company we are going with what a great deal we got, its like getting one patio door for free with the deal we got, we will replace the rest of the windows next spring, only because I do not want all that work done in the cold weather brrrrr.
Anyhoo I did manage to get my Blackbird Designs Pin Pillow constructed, I love this design, I use the called for fabric and threads, lucky for me I had all the colors in my stash, specialty threads are not cheap, most of the colors came from a kit from a retreat I took a few years ago.

So sorry the photos are so bad, it evening here, the lightning is not so great.
I finished another design it is a Mill Hill  Santa, this is the Seafaring Santa, he is called a I was about half way finished when I posted last, now  need to construct him, what the heck happened to my letters they changed, does anyone know why this happens? if you do please let me know.

I will start working on Sugar Cookies from The Cricket Collection, I am using an  white opal, it has sparkly threads in the fabric, I will use the called for threads.

Time to walk the dog and get a little exercise myself, I hope you who are in cold weather stay warm and those of you in warm weather please send some our way.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Good News Bad News Some Stitching

Hello to all my faithful followers: Thank-you for your kind thoughts and prayers on Michaels healing and skin graft.
The good news is he did not have to have a skin graft, we went to the hospital on the morning of his scheduled surgery, he was prepped for the or, I asked the nurse if the surgeon would look at Mikes hand before putting him  under she said she would ask, now as we were waiting for him to come in to see Mike the resident doctor came in, she unnerved me with her attitude, she hat the anesthesiologist with her, I said the surgeon was coming in to see Mikes hand first she rudely advised me that they would look at his hand  in the OR, nope I said he will see the surgeon first before being wheeled into the OR, I stood my ground and won, after the surgeon looked at Mikes hand he said no surgery was needed, I want to thank-you all for praying for Mike and your kind thoughts.

The bad news I ended up in bed for three days in Mexico, I had a cold thanks to a boorish woman who coughed on me  the pig not only coughed once but three times, she never even said so sorry, then I cam home to find out it turned into pneumonia, I am finally recovered thanks to the creepy medications the doctor gave me, I am finally feeling good enough to post on my Blog this evening.
Two of the days I was in bed it rained so not all was lost in bed.

So I did get some stitching done while recovering, I did not stitch in Mexico due to the great weather and  the food was so good.

I started this Blackbird Design My Pin Keep  ( Reward Of Merit) a couple of days before vacation, I was at retreat with a great bunch of ladies, we had loads of fun and of course lots of stitching.

So sorry about the dark photos it has been very gloomy here, no sun.

Then I started this  Mill Hill Seafaring Santa it is the Boatswain pronounced Boatsin, odd how its written and how it sounds.

I just need to add a new Santa to my tree every year, this kit  includes beads which I love playing with.

I will check out your blogs tomorrow its time for bed, I am a little tired this evening and need my rest.

To You All