Sunday, April 30, 2017


I am writing to say than-you to all who left condolences on the passing of my Mother, from the bottom of my heart you are all wonderful and lovely people.
I have tried to send all of you thank-you's by email some of you have bounced back and some have no emails for me to find ,  thank-you so very much my heart is warmed by your kindness.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Some Stitching Finally

Hello and Happy Spring:
First of all thank-you for all your kind words and prayers about my Mothers passing, I really am grateful from the bottom of my heart.
I will send email thank-you's  as soon as possible.
You all have touched my heart greatly, if not for Family Friends and of course my Friends here in Blog Land I would be a basket case.

Some stitching, you al by now know I like Brenda Gervais designs, heck I like all designs, but she is one of my top ten, I stitched this this week for some comfort, my Mother would not have wanted me to grieve so much (which is hard not to do) so I put myself into my favorite chair and stitched, I love this design, it will be a pin pillow after I sew an insert and add the crushed walnuts.

So sorry about the wrinkles, I just did not have the energy to run into the laundry room hook up the iron and iron this lovely piece.

This is my next project, I love this design, I have seen it in person it is much prettier then the photo. I am doing it on 32 instead of 36 count linen, only because I live 60 miles from Stitchville USA needlework shop, it will be just a little bit larger but not that much.

Next I have a question for you: Does anyone know what this design maybe from, I found this in the stash relocation pile last August and have this thing about unfinished projects, I found it this way with the it started in this pretty green.

Thank-you to Vickie for the email about the missing photo.

I want to tell you about a couple of new Bloggers that share the same Blog, it is Mary and RJ  the link is

Stop over and say hello if you can, they did a couple of cute Bunny pillows that are adorable.

I need to get shopping for some 32, 36, and some specialty threads, I am running low.

Today it is gloomy only because of the rain, it has been raining and windy for almost 24 hours, Mike fertilized last Thursday and will be on his second mowing tomorrow if it does not stay cold and rainy, I like to mow but he will not let me, it was hard for him when he was recovering from surgery last summer I got to mow for almost three months, I loved it, we do not have a rider just a self propelled mower, we have a lot big enough for a rider but we still like to walk.

I am in my head planning my flowers this year, it is still too cold to put any out, I know that there are some that can handle the cold but I cannot, so it will wait.

It is noon and time for a fruit smoothy, yummy, I hope you all are well and having  great  progress in all your crafts.


Saturday, April 22, 2017


From the bottom of my heart to you all, thank-you for your kind words, comments and Prayers.
My Mother passed away last evening at 9:20 P.M. I was with her until the end it was hard for me but I needed to do so, she was such a beautiful Lady.
I shall miss her so much.

Thank-you again

Friday, April 21, 2017

Prayers needed please

This is not stitch related and I hate to ask, could you if you believe in prayer please pray for my Mother, she went to the ER this early morning and is not doing well.
I do not cry easily, I thought I was stronger but can no longer help it,she is gravely I'll.
All I ask is to say one prayer for, I hope that is not to much to ask.
From the bottom of my heart thank-you.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Do You Like My New Header?

Greetings everyone: I have been very busy getting my spring cleaning done, today would have been my outside clean the windows day but it is raining, we need the moisture so I am not unhappy, the farmers need it the most to produce crops to feed us.

I have been stitching, I finished my class project from Blackbird Designs Retreat, I just need to put it together which will happen this evening, I did change out the colors a little on the square design, I wanted a little more of a brighter color.

This is what it will look like after construction, this is a photo from the model from Retreat, used with permission from Blackbird Designs.

I will be starting a new design this evening, it is what else a Brenda Gervais  Design, I love her designs.

Today is cleaning day, almost done just need to do the floors now, which I hate, vacuum and then mop all the floors are wood so its like doing the floors twice.
Then I will make a latte and relax a little and read.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

A Very Blessed And Happy Easter to you.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some Stitching A Retreat and Just A Little Stash

Hello my dear friends: I am stitching up a storm, I am so sorry I have not emailed you all and thanked you for your comments, I have been busy, you see the snow is gone and I have been spending time outdoors and coming in to stitch and stitch some more, I know it is not a good  excuse but it is true.
I had the pleasure of attending the Stitchville USA Blackbird Designs Retreat last weekend, Barb and Alma are such a treat and so sweet.
They tell us stories about their lives and how they met, they have been best friends for many years.
On Thursday many of us meet at the conference center and have a fun night of stitching and dinner, there were about 30 of us this year, all the Ladies are a treat to see and stitch with, some of them are stitcher's for some of the designers that we buy patterns to stitch from, oh my many of them are some of the best stitcher's I have met.

The class was an amazing event, we started out painting a heart shaped box sanding it and then waxing it, the frame was done the same way, so sorry you cannot see the green paint on the side.
The top is from a piece of paper copied with the antique stitching from the antique sampler they used to create the Sampler, as you can see from the pattern face sheet.

This is the Lily Of The Valley And Blossom as The Rose  designs we started to stitch on Friday afternoon, I did finish my Lilly Of The Valley and need to frame it, I have started to work on And Blossom as The Rose, I will finish it this weekend, hopefully

  See the color of the frame that is what my frame looks like, I am in love with that color green.

So sorry about the crappy photos, no sun and bad lighting in the house make for horrible photos.

I also bought some stash on Thursday before going to the conference center, Mike gave me a gift card for Stitchville  for Christmas, so of course I had to spend some of it.
I had to buy the Hats Off To Uncle Sam pattern, Blackbird  Designs had the hat and pin cushion on display for us.

I also bought Lady Liberty which I just love, it is a beauty.

Well I do have more to show but do not want to make this a long post.
I will stitch some more this evening and post again maybe on Saturday.

Blessings to you all that Celebrate Easter

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this Blessed Season.
Thank-you to all who have left comments on my last post, I thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

I have been stitching and love what I have stitched, Eszter stitched it as a heart, I plan on putting it on the top of a cigar box that I will keep my traveling needles, scissors and other things I need for stitching.
This is the Rose Hamilton Heart. ( so sorry about the wrinkles)

I started this design on Friday evening and I am almost finished, I love this Easter Design another by SubRosa. Eszter has a new design a Carrot Bag which is adorable, she does send PDF patterns so you do not need to wait for the pattern.

I actually have the big red flower and the stem done and have started to stitch the eggshell.
This is another design I really like.

I will be away at a Retreat put on by Stitchville USA this coming week-end, I will leave on Thursday come home on Monday, I have never missed a Retreat from Stitchville, this year we have Blackbird Designs coming again, I do not know what we will be stitching just yet it is always a surprise.
If you ever can get on the list for one of Deb's Retreats I encourage you to do so, they are the best retreats around.
Barb and Alma are such a hoot and have such beautiful retreat designs.
I am really looking forward to this event, after 2017 entered I have had one heck of a year so far, I am back to normal and hope to stay that way.

On Tuesday last week I had to have a chemically induced stress test to make sure my heart did not sustain any damage from being dehydrated and from the pneumonia, I am so happy, I have no plaque and low LDL and HDL, not bad for a 66 year old gal.

It is cloudy today about 45 degrees and sprinkles  every once in a while, nothing to complain about.
The Red Winged Blackbirds have been here since the beginning of March, the Robins are back and I have seen and heard the Morning Doves, they are so calming to listen too in the morning, soon we will be able to sit out on the patio or front porch and drink our coffee in the morning, something I really look forward too each summer.

It is time for my needle to hit the fabric, thank-you for stopping by.