Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some Stitching Some Beadin and a little travel

Thank-you to all my wonderful followers that left such lovely comments on my last post, I am truly touched.

I have been traveling with my Husband on his business trips and I love it, I sleep in and he goes to his appointments, you see he does the background checks on all the applicants for the Wright County Sheriffs Dept.
He is retiring and soon the travel will stop, I may not go with him on his next trip, I am so far behind on  stitching and beading.

I have two projects I cannot show you yet, one is for a SAL and the other is for a gift for the lovely Lady that takes care of our home when we are gone, the alarm does not go off anymore she is used to being here.

I finished a Scattered Seed Sampler  Designer Tammy Black
                                                                           May I Present
                                                                   Country Woolgatherer

I love this pillow, it is so sweet, Thank-you Tammy for designing this pattern.

Next is a couple of bracelets I made for my Sister-in-Law Debbie, my Brothers  Wife, she liked mine so well I needed to make her a couple, her favorite color is green,these are so easy and no needle just weaving.

This one is for my Sister-in-law Julie, my late Brothers wife, she helps to take care of my Mother, she is such a big help I really do thank her for her help.
Julie is a pink girl her favorite color.

Nest are a couple of ornament I made for my Mother and Julie, the first one I made took four hours, these two are my sixth and seventh ones.
Of course light pink for My Mother and pink for Julie.

This little beauty I made on Saturday at Becka Beads, I was not sure about the color but I love it,  this  looks so vintage, I plan  on making a pink one and maybe a light blue and dark blue one, we had to buy the pattern online, it is called Diva's delight designed by Carol Cavanough, For Beads On Parade, the picture on the web site was not to my liking, a whole lot different looking due to color choice's.
This can be a pendant or pin,

I am a beader but my true love is stitching.
I am totally hooked on stitching, I will continue to stitch till my fingers fall off or my eyes give out which I hope does not happen.
It is late and I need to get some sleep, it is Wednesday tomorrow time to clean the bathrooms and kitchen, Thursday is dust vacuum and wash floors, this way if I split it up I can get some stitching in everyday.
Stay safe and stitch loads
I will be commenting on your blogs tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Stash Some Stitching and Ground Hog's Day

Thank-you to all the lovely comments and birthday greetings from you all, my heart has been warmed from your birthday wish's and lovely comments on my stitching.

Today is Ground Hog Day, I know its just another day and the Ground, started in 1887 by Clymer H. Freas, in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania, the language spoken is Pennsylvania German, I am not sure what it sounds like, I would like to know for my curiosity gets me to wondering.
Well Punxsutawney did not see his shadow today, I hope he is right and we do have an early spring, however we are going to have a possible snow storm this evening.

I went with Michael to the PERA Office yesterday, he is retiring in April, he wanted to get a jump on his paper work, a short meeting and we were on our way to lunch.
We stopped at my favorite Needlework Shop Stitchville USA, I used my gift certificate, I di come home with some fun things.

Just Nan It's Snowing Men! w/ snowflakes and beads, fabric is 32 count fabric, I hope to have this stitched by next fall.

Country Stitches-With Thy Needle&Thread Witches Night Out, I love this little sweety, the fabric is Pearl Barley light 36 count.

Another With Thy Needle& Thread pattern, Be My Valentine I love this pattern, I will start stitching on it this  weekend, I will use a 35 count Weeks Dye Works Linen, I have a heart shaped box from a past  Valentine Days gift, it will be perfect.

Next is another With Thy Needle&Thread Paper Snowflakes, I am using the Weeks Dye Works  35 count linen, I did buy the threads for this, I have never used Valdani threads before, they look to me to be a very nice thread.

I guess you can tell by now I am hooked on With Thy Needle& Thread patterns, I love the vintage looks of Brenda's patterns, up next is: A Tisket A Tasket Pinkeep, I will do this as my March SAL that is being put on by:http://stitchinglotus.ca/

I am working on my newest Tammy Black pattern Scattered Seed Samplers Country Woolgatherer Pinpillow, oh my this is such a lovely kit, I love the wool Tammy has chosen to coordinate with this pattern it is yummy in my eyes.
I have started on the skirt and am almost finished with that color, I sometimes get bored doing the same color for a long period of time, not with this one for some reason.
The kit came with all the threads needle fabric wool coordinating  fabric and pattern, another Designer I am hooked on.

So here is the little girl on a surface where she should not be, I called her name and she looks up to the ceiling like she did not hear me, I have a special bottle of cleaner, when she sees that bottle she runs, she knows she should not be on the counters, but I still love her.

I am not sure what is going on here but the temps were in the 40's for a couple of days and the Asian beetles seem to think this is warm, this on was outside our bedroom door on the deck, see the ice on the deck along with this mixed up bug.

I see it is snowing out really hard right now so I need to get to stitching, I love to sit by the window and stitch and loom out to see the weather and know I am warm and safe inside today.
Thank-you for stopping by and all your kind comments.