Tuesday, February 2, 2010


O.K. before you read the big blog below I need to amend the address for By The Bay Needleart site, please do not use the www.before the address, so sorry about this.

Ebay is such a Temptation

Today I decided to just take a little stroll on Ebay, well I do not think what I did today is really a stroll, I am working at home today and since it is my computer I can stroll on Ebay all I want, well I did happen to find a pattern I really like, I am going to win this I hope, it is the Spring Cove by By The Bay Needleart, Donna Bayliss.
Well I just had to go to her web site and lo and behold I found a treasure trove of goodies, where have I been, she has numerous free patterns on her web site, www.bythebayneedleart.com
You have to go there, she is truely a delight, I am now hooked on her patterns, oh no there goes my Starbucks money I'll just have to spend it on By The Bay patterns.
She is so talented and wow I can hardley wait to start the new pattern that is if I win.
Have a safe day the sun just came out and it finnally stopped snowing, our young neighbors went on a cruise and came home last night to this weather as I type this Travis is snowplowing our driveway what a great exchange for feeding his cats and bird.
Thank-you Travis and Leah. I hope you had a great time.
Stay Safe
Peace In the Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ