Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas Happy New Year

                             I hope 2024 brings you much happiness health and loads of stitching

                                     Michael, Catherine, Blondie the Cat and Mikey the Dog

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Hope On Over To Happiness Is Cross Stitching Giveaway And Free Adorable Design

 Happy Holidays to those of you who celebrate.

Please visit Lynn, she has an adorable cat series and has an Etsy site for some of her lovely designs.


Friday, December 15, 2023

Happy Hannukah Merry Christmas

 Hello my dear followers, thank-you from my heart for your encouraging comments on my health, I am feeling better and hope I will not have to take the meds for more then six months, that is the hope so far.

Well I have done some stitching, decorating a little finishing and hopefully some baking for Christmas.

I have a few photos which are not very good of some of the needle rolls I have stitched in the past, so sorry about the crappy photos, it was not a sunny day when I took the photos.

Someone asked and please forgive me I forgot who it was that they wanted to see the needle rolls, I did give some away which I really miss.

                       These are my two favorites they were I believe Shepherds Bush designs

            I did fully finish the bird, I am not sure of the designer, so sorry, I will have to look it up

I started a rolling pin design I found in Just Cross Stitch Magazine December 2023, it is called baked with Love, I was lucky to find a rolling pin at Marshall in Monticello Mn.
I was worried I would not fins stand for the pin, I was at Hobby Lobby and found a board that is going to work, It is a weird stand but turning it upside down it works as a rolling pin holder

Its time to get to decorating the home and finish up today, this year is going to be my Santa collection and Nutcrackers displays, i like to change it up each year, last year was the Campbells Soup displays

                                                       Have a wonderful and Blessed week

Thursday, December 14, 2023

I Have Been Ill

 I am missing in action since last month, after taking care of Mike since June, I wore myself down, I did not eat properly drank energy drinks (I do not recommend them), way too much coffee and not enough sleep.

I have A-Fib due to this not eating right, I was getting up 3-5times a night to flush out Mikes bladder, I am glad I did but paid the price for it.

I am on the mend and will I promise post what I have been stitching on tomorrow, I have been reading a load of books which I enjoy and the sewing and stitching is getting back to normal.

I will send out thank-yous for your last comments this afternoon and evening.


from my heart


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Happy Fall

It has been a very busy here in our neck of the woods, I have missed three book club meetings and a Council Of Catholic Women meeting.

Mikes doing better thank-you for all your Prayers and kind thoughts, he is back to about 80% yahoo.

I have the first photos dedicated to Jerimiah, his Mothers blog is please visit her and see what she is up to in life.

Here we go Jerimiah: My husbands family was into wrestling, my late brother in law wrestled a bit but gave it up to farm, no photos, but here are a few other photos of friends of ours

The above photo is of me with Mad Dog Vachon sadly he has passed away, he was a very kind and                                                               gentle man taken back in the early 80s

                                                            He was an Olympic Wrestler

My husband made this head out of clay when he was in high school Mad Dog was his favorite wrestler 
        at the time. Mike went to a meet and greet back in the 90s Mad Dog saw this and had to have his                                                                             photo taken with it

This is one of Mikes sisters, Jesse Ventura lived just down the road from the farm she and her husband                                                                   had, he is a very nice man

This is Billy Robinson he dated Mikes other sister back in the 90s after her divorce, he was a funny guy                  and love to play cards, he wrestled in Japan at the timer this magazine was printed

Now for some finishing: I have been busy, making Baptismal Bibs sewing and doing mending plus a                                                                  few finishing of my stitching


The above is a BlueRibbon Design, I really like Belindas         designs, you must check her blog out she has some amazing bags and other items she creates

This is a Homespun design Avery's Cycling Santa, I am not real happy with the finish but it is what it is

I do not remember if this was n exchange or if I stitched it, it was in my pile of need to finish, I wanted a                                                                 simple finish for our three

I was the lucky winner of these threads, the threads are Sulky threads, and needles are ball point needles from Liz Mathewson her site, she does videos of items she has tested and then gives them away, you must follow her, she also has a Patreon site that has three categories for monthly subscription, I have the                                top tier which is only 20.00 dollars you get a pattern design every month.

I have joined the Jingle Ball this year, I will share with you what class's I will be taking on my next                                                                                      blogpost

                                                             Happy Blessed Thanksgiving

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Some Stitching Some Finishing And many Thank-yous

 Greetings from my heart Friends, thank-you from our hearts for your concern about Mikes health, he is doing much better and hopefully over the hill and on the down side of healing, he had one set back two weeks ago, he is doing a lot better.

There are too many thank-yous to send out about the emails I received with prayers and good wish's, i want to thank-you all.

I have done a bit of stitching, I have been working on a Christmas ornament it is a Homespun Elegance design Simply Santa 2022, I love this design, I did it on 28 count unknown fabric, using two over one thread, I did change up the colors a bit, I hope to have it done this weekend or Monday.

I did finish one of the Just Another Button Company designs, I love this cake

I could not find a good place to take the photo so had to use a pillow as a background, I bought the cake plate at Hobby Lobby, I did change up the trim instead of using the mini pom poms I used a trimp it looks more like I iced the trim on

I did the Bunny Cupcake which I need to add the eyes and add the pink in the ears which I will be painting on

I think he is so adorable, these are from the Pin Lovers Club

Thats it for today, thank-you for your visits on my last post
I will be posting the ornaments I finished maybe in two days, who knows maybe tomorrow.
Have a lovely week


Monday, October 9, 2023

Some Stitching And A Finish Please Pray For The Safety Of Israel

 Hello Dear Friends: 

Please I ask from my heart for you to Pray for Peace in Israel 

Thank-you for all your Prayers thoughts and kind words on Michaels health, so far he is doing better, out of the hospital and hopefully healing properly.

I have been able to do a bit of stitching, I found this lovely kit at retreat and wanted to stitch it, I just have to stuff it, I will show a photo next post. It is a Shepherds Bush Needleworkers Roll, the kits was a partial I used an unknown fabric two over two and specialty threads, there were leftover threads, the scissors were in my stash.

I have a bunch of needle rolls I will have to show sometime, that I have made over the years.

Not a great photo so sorry, I will be stuffing it this evening

I Stitched a Christmas ornament and will construct it this evening, it is a  A sweet design I used Fuzzy                                                 Stuff from Rainbow Gallery's threads for his beard, 

            I also used an unknown fabric and mixed threads to stitch him, he is a hoot, he is stitched                                                                  on 32 count fabric two over two threads

I was able to get a day away for myself last month with the Potpourri Stitchers a group of amazing ladies from Minnesota Needlework Guild members, we went to Buttermilk Basin store, they sell fabrics wool threads and patterns for quilting and felt work, I love this store, so many other items that were not stitching related, it is an amazing store here in Minnesota, they also have a web site, many of their designs are Buttermilk Basin designs. I bought some wool for a Steamer Box top which I need to work on

I bought this a sweet design for winter of deer in snow, I plan on making this in the shape of a heart, it is            beautiful as a heart finish, I bought the kit

Someone at retreat started a bookmark, I finished it by adding the stitches inside the border that was already stitched, I also added the beads and tear drop

I stitched this in April and finally constructed it this weekend, I stitched this on 28 count two over two threads with the called for threads, it is a Blue Ribbon design, I like Belindas designs, if you get a chance pop on over to her site
Belinda has quilt stitching and so much to see on her site, please visit

 I was the lucky winner of the giveaway at please visit Carols blogspot, she has so many beautiful Christmas ornaments she makes her finishing is beautiful.
I won Spirited America Angel, it is a Brooks Books design and so adorable, I hope to start it this week
Thank-you carol

Well its been a roller coaster of a few months, I have lost 15 pounds and not the good way to lose it, I just hope it stays away, due to all the running back and forth to the hospital for Michael and his health
I have been watching a few YouTube videos, my favorite is the Country Stitchers, Northwoods Stitcher, 
Helen D, Blue Ribbon Designs, Vonna Twisted Stitcher, Teresa Kogut, Kindred Stitcher and a few more, it is fun to see what other stitchers are up to.

Until Next Time