Thursday, February 29, 2024

New Mystery Stitch Along

 Hop on over to Kitty and Me Pamela is having a mystery SAL

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Some Good News Some Stitching & Finishing

 Greetings My Dear Friends: It has been a year I hope never happens again, I became ill, I wore myself out taking care of my sweet husband, it was worth it.

I have lost 26 pound and hope to lose more, I will be having a procedure done hopefully soon, ablation on my electrical system in my heart, after researching and talking to many people I am at peace with doing the procedure.

Now some other news, I am giving up cross stitching for Lent, I do not eat sweets candy or drink soda or eat bakery sweets any longer so have nothing to give up, it will be hard but I know I can do it.

So after Ash Wednesday I will be sewing, alterations, beading, making Baptismal Bibs for Church's and get all my finished stitched items constructed that I have stitched in the past, my counter in my sewing room will soon be empty, I am so looking forward to this.

I will stitch this evening and stitch up until we go to Mass tomorrow evening, I will miss cross stitching but what Jesus did for me is amazing, with his suffering I can do the same in a different way by giving up something I do almost everyday.

                  I had hope to get this finished before tomorrow evening

This is such a sweet design by Stitching Fairy
Please visit her site Lynn has some sweet new designs out, she also has an Etsy site

  I finished the bunny's for my carrot three, this will be a back and front finish

                                    The bunny will be the top of the three, 
                                     I did this on 32 count unknown fabric.
                              This is a design from The Cricket Collection                                                                                         Leaping Rabbit

I stitched this needle roll last year, I used my own heart charm, it was a partial kit                  that was at needlework guild last year in the reallocation table.                                    I had already passed on the pattern and name of designer so sorry
                                      I will add to my baskets of needle rolls

I did fully finish this wool design, I did it different than the design called for, I also         did the twisted cord a bit different, i wanted a candy cane look to the cording

This is a Little House design I stitched last year, I used 32 count unknown fabric,                two over two wit called for threads, this is called Seasons Greetings

I am so sorry I did not show you what I had received from Stasi in December, it has                                 been one heck of a year for us, so sorry Stasi
                                          This pin pillow is so adorable,
                                   Stasi's finishing and stitching is beautiful
                                           Thank-you from my heart ❤️


I was not going to stitch anything this year for Valentines Day but after seeing Vickie's Blog and she asked if anyone is stitching Valentine designs I decided to do a small heart pillow, this is a freebie from Hands On designs stitched on unknown                           fabric two over two using my choice of thread colors

I stitched this up one evening, it is a freebie from stitched on another unknown fabric, I get most of my small pieces of fabric from needlework guild retreat reallocation table, there is rarely a number count or color of threads on                                                              the fabric

Well I think that is enough for today, I will keep you posted on my finishing and       sewing, I have a load of alterations and beading to do, have an amazing week

                                                        💝 Catherine💝

Saturday, February 3, 2024

A Day late Post

 Hello Everyone: I hope this post finds you stitching away, it is February, that is amazing to me, this winter is flying by for us.

Yesterday I was going to post what i have been up to, weel i almost forgot about Mikes hernia surgery, it went well he is now at Bible study every Saturday he meets with a men's  group at ten a.m. this is something he has done for years, he also reads the Bible daily, he is on his eight reading of the Bible, amazing.

Well I am stitching a design from The Cricket Collection, it is from the year 2004, I did all the carrots and hang them on a metal tree for Easter, I did the carrots many years ago, I found this pattern in the stash reallocation at retreat a couple years ago.

In this photo you can see a couple of the carrots, it is a fun design to stitch, I will be              putting out my Easter things soon and will show a full photo of the tree

This is a two sided bunny that goes on top of the tree, I just need to stitch the back        side of the bunny, he is so cute, he is stitched 2 over 2 on 32 count unknown                                             fabric which is a light color purple fabric 

I also stitched a trio of Christmas ornaments from Blue Ribbon Designs, Belinda has some adorable designs and had a group of Valentine designs I will be stitching                                            for next year (no time this year)

I used a 32 count unknown fabric, the color of fabric is a bit liter then what Belinda used (so sorry about the wrinkles) I will be constructing them this weekend maybe                                               Sunday afternoon after Mass

I watch a few YouTube videos, a couple videos ago I won fibric from Cobweb Corner down at the bottom of Carlas page is the                                                    YouTube  link, please check her out

The pink fabric will be used for Easter designs this year, I also won the Superior Bees design from Summer House Stitch Works from another video, I will be doing this one on a different color fabric, all winners are chosen by random pick number chooser or however you say the term, I am not the                                             brightest bulb in the pack, giggles

We met my favorite male cousin from my Mom's side of the family for lunch, Tim is a single dad that raised three amazing children by himself, he is a wonderful man
 after lunch I went to Sweetwater Quilt shop in Paynesville, Mn. they carry a small          section of threads and patterns and fabric for stitching, I bought myself three                                                       patterns I hope to start soon

I love all three, I am going to stitch the last two into ornaments for my tree at                                                                      Christmas

I also started the Stitching Fairy designs it is Santas Workshop, I have a good start                                               on it will post a photo                                       soon, she has many adorable                                                    designs, she also sells on Etsy

It is Saturday gloomy and a day for reading and stitching God Bless You All for                               your lovely comments on my last stitching post


Thursday, February 1, 2024

Hello Everyone I Need To Catch Up

 Greetings to all my faithful followers, I am so far behind in stitching, reading Blogs (which I Love) and commenting, so sorry, it has been very busy here.

I will post tomorrow about what I have been doing.

I just wanted to let you know about Cathy Haberman's new freebie, it is so sweet, if you go to her Blog she has Valentine freebies for many years past. The link to her Blog is in the upper part of the link page.

Please check her out: