Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Big Problems

Hello to all my Friends in blogland: first I want to say if you are getting emails about products with my name attached please know from my heart I do not send them, I have received some with other bloggers names attached, I opened one, I then knew it was a scammer.
I am writing to tell you I have been trying to comment on your blogs I can only comment maybe every tenth blog, for some reason blogger is blocking me out from commenting, I need to do a little research, so sorry I have left comments on many blogs this past two weeks, I went back to add a comment on Stitching Friends Forever and found that my comments were not there.
Please understand I am not ignoring you.



Terri Patillo said...

Clean out your history and cache. Run a cleaner: I use the free CCleaner from FileHippo.

After cleaning, run a deep scan of your computer. Then re-boot. See if that helps. Also, make sure your browser is up-to-date.

Vickie said...

We do exactly what Terri does. I hope this works for you also.

Julie said...

Hope you can get it sorted Catherine, how frustrating for you.
I received your comment, thank you, and replied back to you - hope you got it.

Robin said...

If only the people that do these scams and infiltration type things would put their talents to something useful. Sorry you are having these issues.