Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Its Almost Over Summer That Is

Hello to all my wonderful friends here in Blog-land, I hope this post finds you all well and stitching away.
I have been busy doing all kinds of things, yesterday Julie my sister in law came over I feel bad we did not do much beading but did finish a beautiful leather bracelet she made she use a peyote stitch with the beads and added it and other items to add elegance.

I have done some finishing and want to get through all my stitched designs and make them into something, so I will be busy doing that along with stitching and beading, I am going to be doing some stain glass but that will be left for fall due to I need to not think about being outdoors and if its cold its a good time to do the glass.

Her is one finish: I love this little girl, this is a Tralala Collection Priv'ee design, I finally framed her, I do change out my hanging pictures for the seasons.

I had to get a ornament done before Septenber, I am so far behind this year with my ornament stitching.
I am so sorry I do not remember the designer, I stitched this so long ago and the pattern is gone.
This is a Scattered Seed Sampler The Gatekeeper Pinkeep, Tammy Black has a series each year and ships out kits four times a year, I did this last year and finally finished it into a Pin Keep.
I used crushed walnut shell's which gives it a little weight.
 This is a small design I did in the Blackbird Designs Retreat put on by Stitchville USA Spring Fling, Deb at Stitchville does a fabulous job of getting wonderful designers here every year, next year Jeannette Douglas  will be back yahoo.
Its a little hard to see but these two hardly ever come close to each other, I think they secretly like each other.
Krissy is not supposed to be on this chair but I could not resist taking a photo, see the look of guilt on her face.
Time to get ready for my eye appointment and take Krissy to the vet to get her nails clipped, she needs to be put under because she hates it so much, poor girl.
Happy stitching to you all please drop over to you have to see the cute Snowman Stocking she is doing.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I am back

Greetings to you all, please forgive me for not posting the last almost two months, it has been very busy with vacations and other happenings.
I will not go into this now only because there is way to much to tell, however I have been busy stitching and a couple of retreats in between.

First I did the August Needlework Guild which I look forward to every year, we had a blast, I took a class from Ruthmarie Hoffman, I did finish the stitching and have constructed the box, the only work done for us was the cutting of the sides and top all the rest we did ourselves, we had to draw the design on the Congress Cloth  and stitch it, add beads and other great goodies to finish the look, however the construction was horrible, I finally took it apart and did my own rendition of the finishing of construction, so here it is, I hope you like it, I have never done anything like this before but am willing to do another in a different style and colors.

This is what the strips looked like before cutting apart to add to dark linen.

This was a little tricky you had to use just the littlest bit if glue ( I do not know what that means ) I use lots of glue but this time I had to restrain myself.

These little clips are the greatest invention I just love them, they are so strong for being so small.

This is Wind, I love the colors, but the instructions show more gold then browns, however I like this better.

This is Water this is my favorite of the four sides.

This is Earth, that big wave is suppose to be a tree trunk, kind of cool I think.

This is Fire, I thought that the yellow should be on the bottom due to fire being yellow like, and the darker colors like smoke but I did not want to make the teacher upset with me, I think she would have thought I was a rebel in the class.

The top has many beads on it all done by hand beading  and attachment.

The top pull is made of deer antler bone which I think is so cool, I do have a deer antler bone  on the Fire section also, many beads and different items used to make this beauty, even tea bag paper, mine still has some tea residue on it, I just used my finger nail to get rid of it, I did not want it on the fabric.

I took a beading class last Saturday with my Sister-in Law Julie, we made tennis bracelets that are so pretty the photo's to not show how pretty they really are, Julie did a beautiful Aura Borealis which looks like a diamond bracelet, mine is green, but I did buy another set of beads to do one like Julies.

  So sorry not really good photos of bracelet, it really is prettier in person.

Well I do have more lots more to show you but need to have coffee with my wonderful main man Mike, I hope you all are well and I will start to catch up on commenting on your Blogs this afternoon or evening, promise.