Sunday, June 21, 2009

I am not a good blogger

Okay so I am not a great blogger and am a self taught computer user, I am still trying to download a picture so please be patient with me.
I sent my Blackbird Designs exchange off at the end of May and have not heard if the person has recieved it. I would like to post a picture but am still having problems.
I joined the second exchange and hope I get a partner as nice as Lane my last exchange partner, she made me such a pretty picture, the stitches were so lovely.
Thank-you Jane.
Well it is raining here in Annandale Minn. and poor peanut the dog cannot go out and play, so she is bugging Verne the cat.
I am working on a biscournu pattern and hope to have it finished by tuesday.
I will start my Blackbird Designs exchange project, wish me luck.
Have a good day everyone and remember that God watches us every moment of everyday.