Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trying To Get Caught Up With Stitching

Greetings all: I hope your week is going well.
I have been busy with a jewelry sale at Church which was so much fun, we had a goodwill offering and made a boatload of money, people are so generous, the President of the CCW at Church wanted to do this it was a blast.

Well it is ISHW International Stitch & Hermit weekend, I love this weekend I do get lots of stitching done.
A little over a week ago I started the needleroll piece from Blackbird Designs Retreat, I am almost half finished with the stitching.

Above is where I was Friday, the below photo is where I am at 16:00 this afternoon, I hope to get more done this evening.

We are in the process of taking down four fifty foot trees, this is Mike with one of his new toys,  he also bought a big chain saw.


The weather is getting better here finally, I hope you all are having great wesather.


Monday, April 15, 2019

S Stitching Update & A New Project In The Future

Hello to all my Dear followers: Thank-you for your lovely comments on my last post, to those of you who do not have email's thank-you for stopping by.

I have done some stitching, I started on Friday evening stitching on my Blackbird Design Pear, I have done so much, I stitched on Saturday and a little yesterday, I hope to have this finished by Wednesday.
I am not sure why the photo shows a lighter fabric, the sample at retreat looked like the fabric I am using, maybe its the light? who knows.

I was so happy to come home from grocery to find a box on the counter, I opened it even before putting the groceries away, it was my Victoria Sampler Strawberry Pin Cushion kit.
I will start this after I finish with the Blackbird Designs Class Projects.

My friend asked me how could I afford to buy so many things, I said we started to save when we first got married and have retirement funds, not just Social Security, she is struggling and cannot understand my hobbies.

The snow is melting, the sun is peeking out every once in a while, hopefully the rain will miss us on Wednesday.

Have a great week stitching, beading crocheting, quilting and whatever other hobbies you have.
In advance thank-you for your kind comments and for your visits.


Friday, April 12, 2019

Some More Photos of Snow and Retreat

I just have to post the photos of the snow we are getting today, I am so sick of snow but when outside and its falling, its so beautiful, we live in a small golf course community, it is so quiet and with the snow falling I love it.
I do want spring now, hopefully it will be warm again soon. Look how big the flakes are.

I have to tell you I met three Ladies who were from out of state who said they were Blog followers of mine, they do not have Blogs themselves but do follow, that was so exciting for me, I will not print their names because I did not ask for permission to do so, it was such  a pleasure to meet them, I almost cried I was so happy, I believe it was their first time at this Retreat, I hope to see them next spring.

I have a few more gift photos to share, now I am not sure if you know this but I use notepads and notebooks all the time, I keep notes of all the events and volunteering I do.
My Dear Friend LaRue gave me a Cactus notebook, I am loving this for two reasons, it came from her and it has a cactus on it.
I used to grow cactus before my cat decided to eat them thorns and all, I will get more when she goes to kitty heaven someday.
Thank-you LaRue.

I won the first prize Deb at Stitchville USA gave out this is way up my alley, I love samples of items, this has a sewing kit with the tiniest scissors thread and needle, soaps for cleaning hand washables, a nail file and hand wipes, this is a must to have, the soap does not need to be rinsed out how about that.

I also did get a pair of scissors, they are black and oh so cute.

I also received a carrot bag with goodies in it from my friend Kathy, it is adorable, thank-you Kathy.
I am a pencil user, the eraser will come in handy, I am always writing when I stitch or am on the net looking and reading blogs, when I see something someone is stitching I write down the designer and design name, this will come in handy.

Okay this is my last brag then I will stop.
Linda a sweet little lady who I call little girl gave me counting pins, they are a beautiful color aqua blue, believe it or not I do use counting pins.

Well enough bragging so sorry, I get so excited at Spring Fling every year.

Happy Spring  I think!!!


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Hello My Dear friends

Greetings Friends: Thank-you to all who do not have emails to send thank-you for posting comments on my last post.
I have been very busy, I have had several funerals from Church friends and Mikes Cousin this past two weeks.
I am excited to tell you I had a retreat last week-end, on Thursday evening a few of us arrived to have a relaxing time and loads of fun.
I was the second person to arrive, Judy was the first, I have to tell you she is an amazing stitcher, her cross's are perfect, I would love to stitch like her.
Many arrived at about five or later.
We eat a lite supper and have a few cocktail's, fun and more fun.

Blackbird Designs were the Designers, I am telling you they are amazingly beautiful, not only outside but inside too.

These are the projects:  Rope Pear, The box can be bought at Hobby Lobby, this came with the kit.

This is the Garden friends Bag, I am so loving this, the design is so sweet.

This is the  Summer Flocks A pin Pillow, so cute.

This is Hollyhocks Were There, this is a hufwife, I call it a needle roll.

These come with all the fabric threads and trims with box to finish all.

We had so much fun I sat a an amazing table, do not get me wrong the table I sat at the last few years was full when I arrived so I sat with four ladies, ( I really missed LaRue and Sue this year) not sitting together.
I sat with a Lady from Texas, she made me this: 

She copied the piece and made a box top label, they match, she is so sweet, a very funny Lady.

This was from my dear friend Kathy, she is such a sweetheart.

I do not want to make this a long post, I will post the rest of the gifts I received on my next post.

This is what is happening here: Thunder, snow rain sleet and more snow plus hail,  today.

We have so far seven inch's of snow not including rain hail and sleet.

Time for dinner, I will be showing you my progress and the Alter Cloth I am working on for Easter Sunday.

Have a great weekend.