Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Christmas Season Is Here

I wanted to show you my background and header photo, if its too busy please let me know.
Both items were found on Pinterest.

Have a wonderful weekend

Monday, November 25, 2019

A New SAL From By The Bay

I am participating in a SAL that Donna at By The Bay is doing, it is called Seasons.
I never have two projects going at once we will see how this works out for my nerves.
This is the first section, I love the looks of this so much, Donna is a very creative Lady she not only does cross stitch but other things, please check her out.

I did finish the Preserve Liberty I will post a photo soon.
It is coming the snow is we are supposed to get between 6&8 inch's, lucky for us we have a new big snowblower, the last one we gave to our young neighbors it was 15 years old, Mike did not want to sell it do to its age, we would feel bad if we took money and it broke down after they use it once or after this snow season is over next year.
We are taking our families out for Thanksgiving, this way we can all go home and take naps, no one stay for hours or goes home at midnight, plus no cooking,

Have a Beautiful

Saturday, November 23, 2019

I Have Been Very Busy

Happy Thanksgiving To all who celebrate Turkey day.
I have been very busy I have been volunteering more of late, my number one place to volunteer is at Curch, I have taken on several duties along with Funeral Cahir with two other ladies, sewing of Creedence Table, Alter Cloths for side Alters, repair of Albs and  any other sewing that is needed.
I am also washing once a week the Purificator's and Corporals for the main Alter, I am also going to be color coordinating the Albs into sizes so the Alter service just need to look for the color marking in their size.
I have been stitching while getting ready for the Holidays, it seems the days are just melting away.
I stitched this cat from a SAL from, I chose these colors because they made me smile, this will be a flatfold.

I also have been working on a started design from Chessie & Me, this was in the detash pile at Needlework Guild in August, I have this thug about finishing UFO's especially if they are givaway's, I di really like this design, I plan on having it framed soon, I do like Joann's coupons for framing.
This is Preserve Liberty 

This is where it was when I found it in the de-stash pile, below is where I was last Monday, i will show a finished piece on my next post.

I did manage to get a couple of things constructed, One is from a blackbird designs class, I really like how the box came out.

This is a small round pillow I did not know what to do with, I went through my finished designs and found this one that was an exchange from Shelly who lives in New Zealand, way back in 2014, I love this sweet design and the finish, it will go in my wooden bowl with other smalls for Christmas.

I was able to order the Inspirations Book that is authored by Betsy Morgan, she is an amazing designer, Betsy said she will be retiring very soon.
This is a beautifully illustrated book, a bit spendy but well worth the money.

These are just a few of the beautiful designs in this book.

I hope you all are having a great week and getting stitching done for the Christmas Season.