Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all my followers and to all who just take a look.
I hope this very Blessed Season brings you all closer to God and to each other.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two postings in one week WOW

Today I had off due to the doctors are not working today or tomorrow, soooo today I made cakeballs for a very special couple, Jim and Sharon from Buffalo Mn. I made strawbeery cake with strawberry covering chocolate cake balls with white and chocolate covering, I am not sure I like the strawberry cakeballs they were a little dry, however the chocolate cakeballs were really yummy I had two and now have a tummyache.
I have a couple of more things to bake tomorrow, Mike is making a pasta dish to take to his sisters and I am making chicken drummies and trifle totake to my Mothers, oh I love that trifle.
I love Christmas, it does seem to take a lot out of me each year only because I donot know how to slow down someday I will, I hope.
I need to go now and finish cleaning up the Kitchen, these are the ingredients I used.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I need Help

I am going to go into a treatment center after the first of the year, I have an addication to STASH now before you ask  which treatment center I need you to direct me to the right center for help, I go into a second hand store just to browse I always go to the fabric and craft area, this is a no no I just donot need anymore stash I need to use up what I already have, that is why you see alot of my ornaments with the same kind of trims I am trying to use up what I have but I go into Joann Fabric and Crafts and lo and behold I head right to the trim area, I start to sweat I get the shivers and try I really try not to purchase any trim and soon the itch is there,  I could use this on or I see this being used as a ribbon on a package oh no there it is again my pocket book out paying for the trim I donot need HELP.
Maybe it is a good addication I just don't know.
I worked on this little door hanger the last week I really like this pattern it is Penguin Jive  artwork by Ellen Kransadapted to cross stitch by TrinaLaube this is a pattern from the Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine july 2008.
This is a easy stitch I did change it out a little I really like the silver snowflakes the pattern called for Kreinik blending filament for the flakes but I wanted something to show up a little more.

I also finished stitching  Halloween Fairy designer  is Nora Corbett this is from the september 2008 Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine I love this pattern but did make a big mistake instead of using the recommended fabric count I used a smaller count this was a mistake I ended up with the wrong size beads for the smaller count fabric so it looks a little distorted there is nothing I can do now so if you look at it ignore the silly bead placements she is still pretty in my eyes.
I will have her framed sometime next year I am looking at an oval mat in black, wish me luck.
I hope all is well with you all in blogger land, I am almost ready for Christmas, I am taking off thursday and friday to make cake balls and give to a Lady from Church she does not bake and would like the cake balls for her Christmas Family getogether.

Merry Christmas I*n Jesus Name.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Exchange from Linda In Minnesota

I am so sorry for not posting this beautiful exchange earlier I have been having trouble posting.
I want to tell you about the lovely Lady that made this for me in the Blackbird Designs Exchange, I was not expecting the delightful person I met that day Linda was postively adorable we have lots in commen and shared many feelings and thoughts about life the day we met to do our exchange, we had lunch at Applebees my fav restaurent in Minn.
As you can see the box is beautiful she sanded and antiqued the box she did a very good job.
I was almost in tears, the project I did for her does not match up to this lovely box, the inside bottom is finished with a beautiful cranberry floral, Linda put my entials and the year on this lovely piece, she also sent along pins that are in the shape of hearts, she also gave me chocolates that were yummy of course I love chocolate who does not, Linda wrapped the box in a beautiful fabric and lovely gross grain ribbon, I am so tickled with this box that I am leaving it in my tea room that is what my Husband calls the living room only because it is very feminine, it is sitting on my antique tool box in front of the sofa.
After lunch Linda and I went to Joann Fabrics I wanted to see the different pins that are available like the ones she gave me, we found many some in a smaller size some bigger, I still like the hearts she gave me the most.
Thank-you Linda I just Love the box.
After lunch