Monday, March 14, 2022

Please Say A Daily Prayer To End The War In The Ukraine

 Hello to my faithful followers: Thank-you for your comments on my last post about the new designs.

Please say Prayers daily for the people of Ukraine who are having to leave their country because of                                                               Putin, they need our Prayers and help

I have been very busy sewing for Church's, I have a new project starting this week for St. Ignatius here in Annandale, another Credence Tablecloth, it should be a quick project.

I did get all four Burse and Pall's done for St. Charles in Bayport Minnesota, about 84 miles from my home, I forgot to take photos of all the colors, Green, Purple, Red and White, so sorry about the wrinkles.

I truly did enjoy making these.

                                                This is what the Pall looks like from the side

                                                                     The Pall is 27x27

                The Pall is 81/2x81/2, this is stitched by hand, the only sewing by machine is the Chi Rho
                                                               On both the Pall and Burse

I have done a little stitching and finishing, not much, I love the Belinda at Blue Ribbon Designs, the Sweet Liberty Round Pinkeeps are adorable.


                                                   Can you tell my camara is acting stupid?

           I decided to do my Brenda Gervais design into a box with a top, I did stitch this last year

I did finish a design that was an exchange way back in 2014 from Jackie, she does not have a blog any longer, she was a talented stitcher.
I finished it into a thread holder, I like using thread holders.

Today I will be cleaning doing laundry and maybe get some stitching in this evening, I have so much I want to stitch I also seem to have other projects that have priority first.

It is snowing now when I took the dogs out for a shorty walk this morning at 4:00 it had just started snowing, now at 10:00 we have over three inches of snow, soon very soon it will be green, and I will sit outdoors to read and stitch.

  Here is something to give you a little giggle, we need it so much now with all the hatred that is in the                                                               world, found this on Pinterest

                        Blessings to all until my next Blog post stay healthy, have a wonderful week