Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ISHW post and A Pay It Forward

Good morning to my Followers and welcome to my new Followers.
I was at a stitching retreat last week-end which was also the ISHW week-end, I did some stitching had loads of fun and ate way to much, the Cindy is our moderator for this event which happens twice a year once in the fall and again in the late winter, arrival is on Friday about 14:00 leaving on Sunday at 14:00.
The stitching is abundant, there are some things that are amazing, I love seeing what everyone is working on. Some bring large projects and some like me bring smaller projects I like to have my floor frame for the latger pieces so leave it at home.
This is what I worked on, this is also one of my UP For A Challenge 15.

This is Country Cottage Needleworks Dream Big, I love this pattern, however I did use my own thread choice, I wanted the bunny and words to pop out a little more and not be so light lighting,
do you like the change?

Next I have to tell you about the Pay It Forward from Robin over at Crafting With The Stitch Witch, wow this lady is amazing, I won this fabulous box of goodies, picked out a few patterns and a lovely 31 notebook woth pad and pencil I am so thankful to Robin, many thank-yous Robin.

So the three pictures above are the items I am paying forward.
I did pick a few things from this faboulous Lady"s generous Pay It Forward.

Now the rules:
End date to enter by is march 22, 2014

USA and Canada entries only, so sorry the postage is just so expensive for foriegn countries.

You must use the patterns threads or whatever you choose and please post a picture of your woek even if it is in the far future.

Please you must shop your stash and add items you know you will never use.

You must Pay It Forward with the charts and other items you donot want.

You must email me your adress by the 27th of march or the box will go to another name that will be picked.

I will email the winner on the 23 of march after I go to church,
 happy entry and good luck.

Thank-you to Robin over at
Please pop on over to her blogspot.

I will add to the pile that I have already added to I am sure I have more oh so much more.
There are a few kits and lovely patterns with ribbons, threads and other goodies.




Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another givaway

Homespun Elegance is having a St. Patrick Day Giveaway, stop over and see Sandras lovely blog site and enter her giveaway.
If this button does not work click on the Homespun Elegance button on my sidebar.

Please donot forget about Victorian motto Sampler Shoppe's giveaway button is on my sidebar.

I will post my ISHW this evening.

Good luck


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

May I have your attention!!!!!!!

Nancy who is a wonderful and generous Lady is having another giveaway, she is giving away floss to several winners on the first day of spring.
please stop over at her blog and take a look at her items for sale she has some new patterns that are lovely, Nancy also hand dyes threads, trims, buttons and has loads of other things you may like.

Good Luck

Monday, February 17, 2014

Another late post due to loads of stitching and finishing

Greetings to all my followers, welcome to new flowwers I hope not to dissapoint you.
I have been very busy stitching and finishing items I have either started or have finished, I looked in a couple of small drawers and found stuff that i stitched long ago, my goal is to finish my Up For A Challenge 15 and to do the finishing work on the loads of projects that have been stitched.
First I want to show you a couple of things I bought in a stash reduction sale at one of the retreats I go to, this is a felt and seaquin with beads Santa, I finished this last year, it was started by one of my stitching buddies, she gave up and I ended up with it, now I am not much for seaquins but this called to me to finish it, i will donate it to a lady who fell in love with it. I do need to do a little ironing to get out the wrinkles, al in all it turned out cute.


This is also a piece I bought from the stash reduction sale for a 1.00 it was only stitched a little on the coat and lower right hand corner, I lovew this piece, it will look so sweet hanging up for Christmas.
It is done on 14 count (I very rarely use 14 count) I love the colors this was from a kit.

This is one of my favorites  from Sheepish Designs Scare Crow Wabbit, I plan on doing all of the Rabbits in the series, I just need to do the finishing work this week, this is done on 32 count not the called for 36, I used DMC threads, I did not do the scissors fob, but plan on it soon.

This is from a class I went to waaaay back in the early 90s I had ro frog this little thing twice I had only put in about 20 stitches both times, I am well over half way done, this is 40 count gauze, if you want to go crazy try stitchuing on forty count gauze whew I will be glad to have this done, hopefully next week.

Well if the above silk gauze was not enough here is another I did finish, I plan on putting this inside a watch face and wearing it as a bracelet after I finish the beading, this is a  Hearts Content kit,  I also bought this at a stash reduction sale, I love this this pattern, tonight I will work on this this evening.

Just Another Button Company has some of the sweetest kits, they are a bit spendy but I just love them, the pattern calls for the stitching to be on the inside of the finished item but I like the seams it on the outside, I think it gives iy a little more of a whimsical look, I did the carrot and brown bunny last year, the fabric that was in the kit for the collar was too  small so I used a little ribbon from my stash.

In my Bunny corner she has a place,  her name is Grace, his is  Samson I love them both.

These are some ornaments I stitched last year and needed to put together just to get them out of my drawer, the Just Nan mouse ears look like bat ears, i still giggle when I see it, of course it is in the entryway with the other bunnies.

  I started to stitch this on friday evening and finished it yesterday, I am going to fram it for a small table group, I love Shepherds Bush patterns.

  Today after work ( I am working at home today) I will start working on on this Lazy Turtle Pincushion, I love this little guy.

I better get back to work stay  warm and safe on the terrible roads out there. It is snowing today with expections of 2-4 inches, we are on the downhill side of winter yahoo.



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Giveaway

Click on the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe button on the side of my blog page, Nancy is having another great giveaway ending this Friday the 14th of feb.
If you have never bought from Nancy please do so she has such great threads patterns and other great items for sale, I love all her stuff but the hand dyed threads are my favorite, you get so much more for your money with her threads.
look up her lace and trims, beautiful colors, along with the buttons.
So please stop by and enter her giveaway and mention my name Diamondcathy.

I will post pictures of my stitching projects tomorrow or Thursday.

Good Luck


Saturday, February 1, 2014

This is not stitch related but

I have to ask a question, what the heck is wrong with gown designers? are they trying to make stars look silly in some of the clothing they create for them, I am sad about some of the clothing that walks up to the podium to recieve an award, look at Julia Roberts who is one of my favorite stars, she had on a short black lace dress that looked like it had not seen and iron and her hair reminded me of someone who just came in from a wind storm, wow do people not ever really dress for such an event, gone are the days when people tried to look nice.

Many of the stars looked wonderful, Taylor Swift  looked beautiful in her gown, come on designers try a little harder and really design something we want to see not something we donot want to see.

Some of the gowns looked like wedding gowns, some looked like they were thrown together at the last minute, please hollywood dress up not down, and Madonna what the heck is the matter with you?

If you donot like my post I am sad for you this is my blog not yours.
I just had to vent