Friday, September 30, 2011

I have a lot to catch up on first I want to let you all know I was the lucky winner of some very lovely trims from  VictorianMottoShoppe Nancy dyes her own trims, I found her on Ebay last summer and love her trims, please pop over and see what she has, you will not be disapointed. She sent me chennille trims many colors I will have so much fun using them on ornaments and other projects, she also included some buttons which I fell in love with, I love the ricrack trim I like using the trim on many projects not just cross stitch, I have never won a givaway I was totally shocked when she notified me of being one of the winners.
Thank-you Nancy for the very large package and for your beautiful trims and buttons, I am in love with them all.
 I did get a little stitching in back at Retreat at Bay Lake we had such a good time what a great bunch of Ladies we had a full room this year Thank-you Kelli for all your hard work you really did a great job.
The weather was wonderful and all of the projects were fun to see, we had Stitchers, a Scrappbooker, many Knitters, a Lady that made the most beautiful Christmas cards with floss and needle on paper, I am sure I have forgotten someone I am so sorry.
We had perfect weather and I had the best three roomys anyone could have.
These are the two ornaments I worked on at Retreat, the cat bumblebee is Mosey 'N Mee in thre Just Cross Stitch  october 2008 issue so is the Owl this is a Raise The Roof pattern I did change all the colors and the fabric color, I used leftover threads from my friend Barb L. she was done with them and I thought I could use them they worked very well thank-you Barb.
I plan on doing all the ornaments from all the Halloween ornaments in Just Cross Stitch magazines wish me luck.

I am working on three things one is a Blackbird Design for an exchange I cannot tell you because she may be reading my blog so I have to keep it quiet for a while, I am still working on The Mystery Sampler from With My Needle and Thread I love this sampler I just have to find a way to bring my frame and stand to work with me so I can work on it when I have down time.
I am also working on a Up Foe A Challenge 15 it is the Nora Corbett Halloween Fairy in the Cross Stitch and Needlework sept. 2008 issue I will post a picture maybe this week-end.
I have more to tell you but really need tpo get back to work you see this is the only day of this week I can clean get my hair cut and of course dyed, go to dinner with my most wonderful Husband and do some relaxing along with stitching.
Blessings to you all and please go over to the Victorian Motto Shoppe, I do hope my link works if not please let me know so I may remedy  the problem.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Winner

I am happy to announce that Mindi is the big winner of the chart no star so bright.
Congratulations Mindi, please email me your address.
Look for my October givaway it will be a doozie.
Thank-you to all who entered.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is it time again for a givaway and an update on stitching.

I have had a very busy summer with work and such, I have been  working on a Up For A Challenge 15, I started this pattern so long ago I have forgotten the time of year or the year for that matter this is a Judy Delvit it is from the Stitchers World March 2001, it is charted for cross stitch and needlepoint, I did use all DMC I am not sure of the fabric type, the count is 18.
I do not care for this fabric I think that is the reason it took me so long to finish I will post pictures of the standing doll in a future post.
I have also been to a Stitcher getaway I met so many ladies that were not at Bay Lake Camp last year many were first timers,  we had so much fun and lots of giggles, some of the ladies were knitters all I can say is WOW the things they were working on were amazing.  Some of the stitchers had projects that I would like to do someday but I need to retire first to make sure I have the time and the stash. We were  in the middle of Minnesota, the camp is on an island, you need to take a boat over to the Lodge, we arrived on thursday this is the first year for a thursday to sunday getaway.
We had so much fun, I look forward to next year.
 This is the table I was at, I had the best three roomys anyone could have we never fought for the bathroom or mirror time, thay were a stitch to room with.

 The lady on the right is the Halloween Queen she has her beautiful long nails painted for halloween all year. That is her Mother across from her there were more ladies at that table they were either taking walks or a nap we stayed up late every night.

These two were sisters and what  a hoot they were, I look forward to seeing them again.
I wanted to add more pictures but seem to have lost them I donot know where they are on my computer I even had the brains of the house look for me they are in there somewhere.
I would like to put all the names of everyone in the pictures but this is such a long post that I will add more pictures and names in another post.
Now for my givaway: I am giving this lovly chart to a lucky person all you have to do is be a follower and post in the comment section I will be adding a few more things to this givaway, I feel bad because I was going to have a givaway sooner but this summer has gotten away from me.
This is a Chessie & Me (No Star So Bright) the print year is 1998 with a stitch count of 75x105 the model is stitched on 32 count Stormy Skies linen using two strands of floss,
the chart is for Anchor threads which I am sure can be converted to DMC, it also calls for A Sampler Thread and two different Weeks  Threads.
This is really is a nice pattern the picture really does not do it justice.
I will add the Weeks and Sampler Threads with the givaway.
The givaway ends on sunday the 11th of September at 20:00
Good luck

Blessings to you all

Friday, September 2, 2011

It has Been awhile

I have been so busy with work and family life I have had little time to stitch or anything else.
just when you think things are calming down one person at work retires without notice one person goes on a two week vacation and sadly another has a family member pass away and leaves for one week, so  I have to pick up my pace and fill in so my regular job is put on the sidlines.
(Now why did my lettering change to a slanted look?)
I want to let you know about a givaway over at  RemakeRemixReuse, just pop over to see her givaway.
I have done little stitching since last month I did get to a stitch-in at Bay Lake Lodge with a bunch of lovely ladies, I will post pictures later today or tomorrow.
Blessings to you all
Have a safe  and fun Labor Day.