Monday, April 23, 2018

Missing In Action

Hello to my dear followers: I have been very busy, I have been to a weekend Retreat from Stitchville USA, Jeannette Douglas was the Teacher, she is an amazing Lady, so much fun and makes you giggle so much.
We worked on a scissor fob on Friday night the night the big hateful snowstorm hit us, I am so glad I arrived on Thursday many women come from around the U.S. to this retreat.
The class was a box and accessories to make to put in the box.

This is only the second class of this box and accessories, I feel so lucky to be able to attend this class.

I will be starting the stitching on the box top this evening, hopefully I will have the top finished this weekend.

I would show you all the gifts from Stitchville but they are numerous and will add some during my next post.

This above kit was gifted to me from Larue my Dear Friend, she is an amazing Lady and very sweet, I love being around her she is so warm and friendly.

This is from another amazing and wonderful Friend Sue, she makes a new music CD for some of us every year, some of my fav songs are on this.

I am doing the happy dance I finished the Little Snowy Blue Church, I did make some changes, I changed the big snowflakes to a shiny white, the blue snowflakes just did not do it for me, ( so sorry about the wrinkles )  I am going to frame this Saturday, I will post a photo.

I want to tell you it has been hard this past month, I get allergies from the mold under the snow, so went to retreat with a migraine and allergies, it was awful and the room I had the heat would not go above 62 degrees, I am a warm weather person so this was cold for me, plus I had to stay Sunday evening because the roads in our area were frozen with ice and snow on top, Mike did not want to chance getting into an accident, hence one more night with the cold and I found mold in the heater vent, the hotel was so sweet about it I got Sunday night for free.
There were several women that had to stay, it was fun having an extra evening with them.

To some of the people that comment on my Blog and do not have email addresses or a way to contact you, thank-you for leaving a comment it means a lot to this old lady.



Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Some Very Exciting News

The lovely Jo over at has a Blogger Of The Week, you must stop by, click on the Blogger Of The Week Icon on the right side of her main page.
I have visited all the Bloggers Of The Week, I have to say this has put a big I want new stash in my pocket book,  I see so many designs I have never seen before and want to stitch, what a great way to view other Stitcher's work, I love learning what they are all about and see their work.
Jo has been gracious enough to ask me to be a Blogger Of The Week, I consider this an honor.
I have had my blog since March 28th 2009, I am almost ten years with Blogger, I feel very Blessed to have met so many beautiful and lovely people through my Blog, I have been able to meet with a few of them in person when they visit Minnesota.
One I have to tell you about her name is Mama Joan she can be found here please stop over and see what she is into, her work is immaculate and so perfect, she is a great finisher and framer.
I was at a Stitching Retreat and she was at another table, I still did not know who she was until the third day of the retreat, I was so excited to meet her, when I read her blog she made me smile she was watching her daughters cat and could not fine it, it was up on the fridge, I have been following her ever since.
I have to say that another stitcher that is way to busy is Chris, over at Tot Hill Farm Stitch's, sadly she is too busy to post on Blogger anymore, I miss seeing her lovely work.
I have been slowly working on my Little Snowy Church, not much work being done on it, I have been busy making neck warmers and beading ornaments for the Santa sale we will be having at Church the first Friday of December, I know I am way ahead of the game but want to make so many items I have given myself a budget of 50.00, I still have 25.00 to spend.

I love this little Church, I did change the color of the roof, I did not like the silver thread it called for, I plan on adding white beads on the roof like snow flakes are dropping.

So as I am typing this post I ask Mike for help on rotating a picture, I go out to the kitchen and see my dog chewing on the roll of Kreinik thread  that is the color of the roof so now I have to order a new roll and wait to finish this, it has given me a headache a few times but I will get through it.

We have had a bit of snow, I am so sick of winter, I leave you with this photo.

Thank-you all for stopping by and to all for leaving comments.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

He Is Risen

A Blessed Easter to all during this,  the  Most Holy Day.
Our Lord Is Risen!

Michael & Catherine