Friday, September 7, 2012

Just another post but not very much to do with stitching

This post has nothing to do with stitching I have been having trouble posting on blogger, sometimes I feel like pulling out my hair but being a vain women I need my hair even if it does take 30 minutes to fix every morning for work, that is why I love sat. and sundays I can just let it go I do fix it for Mass on saturday evening, that is o.k. I just donot need to hurry to get out the door.
I have been excersing since june 1st I have lowered my body fat index by almost 2% yippee yahoo what a great feeling however I have been getting muscles and that is not a bad thing just as long as I donot look like Arnold S. ( I donot know how to spell his last name) silly me.
I have been stitching a lot I am working on an Up For A Challenge 15 I am almost done and hope to post pictures on sunday, it is The Christmas Traditions Santa with penguins and polar bears, it really is pretty.
I am looking for a pattern to buy, I have 40.00 to spend it is the Just Nan Scream House I just donot have the 79.00 they want at The Silver Needle, if some one out in Blogger land wants to sell theirs I am willing to buy.
I am also working on a scrap book my Mother bought that she was going to do, now she passes it on to me and I need to finish it for her, she does this to me often, she will buy some craft products and decide not to do them, I get the stuff and cannot stand the idea that they are unfinished, so I get to do the deed for her, I do love her but enough is enough, o.k. I will do it again for her who knows what she will come up with next.
I am getting ready to can and freeze this week-end, we have our Church Festival this sat. that is a very busy day, lots of fun and then the clean-up ick.
I am haveing a givaway this month it is an ornament magazine from Just Cross Stitch I will post on sunday I hope blogger lets me post pictures, keep your fingers crossed.

Blessings to you all.